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DirtyRoulette review



People might be uncomfortable discussing "dirty" things in public depending on their culture, where they live and how they were raised. Some people enjoy sharing their intimate sex lives, or more scandalous, their deepest fantasies behind closed doors with trusted friends.

Many people have some issues with talking about their sexy side. There are two places where it seems that everyone is comfortable talking about sex, or being sexy with strangers: adult chatrooms and nudity-friendly camsharing sites.

You might think that the internet is saturated with dozens, or even hundreds of them popping up everywhere you look. It has been around since a while and claims to be the fastest growing. We also have multiple reviews from sites such as The Porn Dude. So we recommend Dirty Roulette.

A website that rode a wave at the right time

Despite the Great Recession's economic downturn, there were many great innovations in hardware and internet. Smartphones were affordable and wifi was readily available everywhere. Nearly everyone also had high-speed Internet.

This, combined with the introduction of small, high-quality cameras that could be integrated into smartphones, laptops and monitors, created a new trend for internet usage. Web developers began creating websites and apps that allowed users to communicate with each other in real time, with all this technology being cheap.

Because the internet is the internet, every new innovation that hasn't been driven by pornography will soon be taken over by pornographers. Dirty Roulette was one of the first websites to be created at this time. It was published in the middle '10. It was initially not very impressive, but it was gradually improved over the course of about half a decade.

The site was still quite basic and offered only the minimum of features that a free-to use sexcam service should offer. The layout is not engaging or advanced, and there were several unforeseen problems with the user experience.

Half a decade after its launch, Dirt Roulette has seen a lot of improvements, including a private messaging platform and new ways to advertise. With an Alexa rank of around 43,000, they claim to be the best website of its kind on the internet.

The New Dirty Roulette Look is Sporty and Efficient

Although you might not believe that different shades would look great on a cam2cam site (or even in real life), they do. Using different shades of grey can create a good contrast, no matter what the lighting is like on the other cammer.

This color also makes it easier to interact with icons and text, which are often an off-white or red color. The tutorial section uses other colors that contrast well with the white background. The predominant grey-white-reddish color scheme is pleasing and consistent.

This is a spin on a very common type of sex site.

This platform's concept is not groundbreaking, to be honest. We won't hold it against them, however, because they were one of the first decent random sexcam sites. It's simple.

Dirty Roulette is a free platform that connects you with anonymous sexcams. Dirty Roulette doesn't collect any personal data, so discretion is guaranteed regardless of whether you have an account.

There is no need for a credit card, nor do you have to worry about getting a VPN that will protect your privacy. You only need a webcam, reliable internet service provider, and a net-connecting device.

Once you have done that, you can either sign up as a member or a guest to access the site. You can then press the start button to instantly be connected with someone just like you. Make sure that the site has access to your microphone and camera.

According to the site, there are many types of members on the site. They include straight, lesbians, gay, or any other type live sex chats.

Each person is different and you can change cammers by clicking a button. You just need to press Next until the user you wish to cam with is found.

Once you are 'partnered', you can chat via text or chatting with them. We have seen some people who don't talk much but just jump right into virtual sex.

The mechanics are simple but comprehensive.

While we have already covered the basics of this site, there are a few more details that should be mentioned. There are many people from all walks of the globe who use the chat site, due to its large user base. You can filter results by location if you have a preference in ethnicity or wish to chat with others who speak your language.

We don't know how it works with all languages but Dirty Roulette has an automatic translation program.

Free users, like those who have already signed up, can spice up chat with emojis or other fun graphics just like the best chat room. Although it will probably negatively impact your experience, you can toggle your camera, microphone, or receiving audio on and off.

You can create a profile as a member. This will include an introduction message that will appear in chat once you have connected with someone. You can also add to your profile your preferred language and gender identity.

These tags include Tags like Make Friends, Sex and Hookup, Dating, Love, and Dating. You can also set up your profile to filter out people with a different list of tags you can customize.

We cannot guarantee anything. However, if you use all these features and verify your account, you may not only get a lot of likes from other users, but you might also meet people in real life.

What the Actual User Experience Looks Like

Chat services such as this one, just like other experimental and mainstream social media platforms can become something entirely different.

Chatroulette is a great example. It was originally supposed to be a live chat version Facebook but it became a place for people to show off their naked bodies.

The site was nearly shut down because it could expose children to porn. However, the complete article has all the details. This accidental sex site was a model for web developers to follow when creating their own live sex chat platforms.

Chatroulette quickly made it clear that men are horny, and gays especially.

This is because these websites, or those that place more emphasis on webcasting than chatting, tend to have more male members than females. If you're randomly browsing through users and not filtering, you will see many male members.

And often, it is just that.

The ladies of this site don't mind lying on lingerie and showing their faces. However, most men only show their naked torsos or erect c*cks. Although it may not be true for all men, women are more open-minded than the men.

There are filters that let you choose if you want men, women, and couples. The play and stop buttons have a separate button labeled GIRLS. This was probably intended to appeal to the male majority.

It's easy and free to open an account

Although you don't need one, it is a good idea to have one. To get the best user experience, tap the Join button at the upper left corner and follow the short email verification process.

You can also log in with an existing Google account. The whole process shouldn't take more than a few minutes, no matter what account you choose.

Although the mobile design is great, it has a fatal flaw.

Dirty Roulette claims to be the only platform that allows users to connect on their mobile phones. Although this sounds exaggerated, we have seen a lot of cam2cam platforms. It is great that they are mobile-friendly.

It's just as fun to surf this site from your handheld device as it is on your desktop computer. Technically, the site works with all web-compatible brands; however, you won't be able use all features.

Only Android phones are currently able to access all chat options. We recommend that you use your desktop instead of Apple or Samsung devices.

Social Media Platforms are So-So

We believe that every platform that focuses on sex should be optimized for mobile devices. It is a great way to keep users informed about what is happening. This is especially important when the page is down.

It is also a great way for businesses to advertise.

Dirty Roulette has a Facebook page with useful information. However, most of the posts are memes that deal with sex and other non-raunchy humor. Their Twitter feed has a lot more frequent posts than their Facebook page, which includes articles about online dating and cybersecurity as well as other tech-related topics.

They used to. Dirty Roulette has not posted any new tweets since the redesign.

What has been designed and crafted?

Dirty Roulette offers all the essentials that an amateur adult camming site needs.

All chat features are free for guests. With the profile options, you can get a free account. You can add more information to your profile than on other sites. The auto-intro is also very cool.

There are no ads to be concerned about and there are no redirect issues.

It is great that the platform has basic filters, as there are many users. Sometimes users can be a little sloppy, especially if they don't respond immediately. The best part is that this site offers such an amazing experience, with over 2.3 million people waiting to chat with users.

Simple Solutions to Persistent Problems

The majority of people surf the internet on their smartphones, but the vast majority don't use Android products. Web designers must update the mobile version.

Although it's not a big problem, it could help them grow faster if webmasters started tweeting. They used to share great content, and Twitter allows for nudity so they can post more risky content to attract more users.

It is a great way to increase your following.

Are We Sure You Have A Great Cam Experience?

Websites that are older than others do not necessarily have to keep up with newer competition. Dirty Roulette has not only set the standard for adult camming, but has also added some new features.

It might take some time to find the right person by using the filters. There are millions of people online, and hundreds of thousands more are available at any given time.

We are not happy with the fact that not all tools are available on non Microsoft mobile devices. However, we don't find it a problem enough to not endorse this site and give it five thumbs up.

  • You can sext with millions of people
  • from both genders and all nationalities
  • to nude cam and sext.
  • You can use the tools easily and
  • interact with anyone as either
  • a member or guest.
  • You can post your interests and search
  • for other members by becoming a member.
  • No popups or adverts are allowed.
  • Mobile Support
  • Some users are picky and a
  • little bit odd.
  • There are many beautiful girls,
  • but not enough faceless men.
  • To use all the tools on non-Androids,
  • the mobile version must be updated