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ChatRoulette review



You are in February 2010, and you want to meet new people all around the globe. Let's face it, you want to chat with attractive men from around the globe. Let's be more direct: you are searching for a free way to view attractive people masturbating on webcam from around the globe in February 2010. That sounds just right.

No matter what your motivation, there's a site you can use to find exactly what you need. Chat Roulette is the name of that site. Although it was only launched a few months ago, it has 35,000 users at any one time. The New York Timesfeatured a story about the site, calling it 'intensely addicting'. It is estimated that it has 1.5 million users by March 2010.

Websites rarely explode so quickly. Facebook was a cultural phenomenon that reached its peak in the years after it took many years. Chat Roulette was however, immediately huge. What's the secret to this site?

According to RJ Metrics, 8 out of 8 Chat Roulette "spins" contain adult content. This could be nudity or masturbation or, more often, penises. Chat Roulette has a lot of penises. There are always beautiful women looking for chat or virtual fun. It is well worth the risk. You never know what the outcome of the roulette wheel will be, just like in gambling. You take your chances and keep trying again. Sometimes you are lucky. Most of the time, however, you will see penises.

Chat Roulette was invented by Andrey Ternovskiy (17), a high school student from Moscow, Russia. Ternovskiy claims the idea came to him through video chats he and his friends had via Skype. Ternovskiy claims that he coded Chat Roulette's first version in "two days and two night." This claim was made after Ternovskiy watched The Deer Hunter, an animated movie about Vietnam War. In it, there are scenes of prisoners of war being forced into playing Russian Roulette. Ternovskiy based his chat website on the chance that the game would be played, and created the Chat Roulette we know today.

Two users are randomly paired on the site. The site allows users to send messages and share their microphone access. This creates a seamless random chat experience. Click next to continue your random chat with another user or tap the spacebar. This site will see you hitting the space bar repeatedly until you find what your looking for.

Chat Roulette has been parodied and featured on numerous media outlets. Chat Roulette has been discussed by The Daily Show, The New York Times and The New Yorker. You may be wondering why it has been so popularly discussed and mocked. One reason is the sheer number of penises. There was also much controversy about the site.

Chat Roulette was initially free to use. There wasn't any registration or sign-up required. You just had to check the box that stated that you were 18 years old and that you promised to not do any dirty work on Chat Roulette. Voila! This policy was not well received, as you can see.

There are many controversies

It is common to observe that pedophiles will search the internet for ways to make their victims look disgusting. Chat Roulette is a site that many people are concerned about. Dr. Keith Ablow, a psychiatrist, famously advised that Chat Roulette should be blocked from all children. It is a paradise for predators. This is the most horrible face of the internet I have ever seen. It is separating human relationships from those it connects.

Emie Allen, the president of the National Center for Missing and Exposed Children, stated that Chat Roulette was "the last place parents want their children to go". This is extreme social networking. "This is a place where kids will gravitate to." However, all of the criticism and concern was not enough to stop the site. Chat Roulette does a better job of moderating content, which is a positive for the site. There is now a face recognition program. You will be banned from broadcasting your face if you don't use it on the webcam.

It does not mean that the site is still active. Let's get to the bottom of the matter and ask the question everyone wants: Is Chat Roulette still a great resource for adult fun with strangers across the globe?

The answer is actually a bit more complex than you might imagine. There are many penises. Chat Roulette is an excellent choice if you like that kind of thing. Chat Roulette is a popular way to meet men in their 20s. Chat Roulette is a great way to meet men.

There are risks involved...

Chat Roulette is not for straight men or lesbians. estimates that one in every 15 to 20 spins of Chat Roulette yielded a woman after spending approximately an hour. The rest were either men who click "next" immediately when they see another man or guys who go wild with themselves and don't care what anyone else sees. It's a sort of exhibitionist's paradise.

The women that Porn Sites met while Chat Rouletting were not there to engage with adult activities. Most of them wanted to chat. It was clear after a few conversations that it would not be an easy task to find a girl who wants to chat on Chat Roulette. It is possible, if you're willing to work hard. It is free and it can be worth it.

Upgrade to Increase Your Chances of "Winning"

If you want to upgrade your account, there is also a premium version. You can filter your Chat Roulette experience by gender, location, language, and so on. You can also filter out unwanted penises in the free version.

Chat Roulette is still a lot of fun. It's exciting to never know who you might meet next or who you might get the chance to meet. You never know what might happen. You could find the love of your dreams, make a new friend, or have some NSA webcam fun together with someone from the other side of the globe.

These sites are not for everyone. Chat Roulette will only give you what you put in. This might not be the right place for you if you are extremely shy. Porn Sites recommends that you just spend the money on a adult camming site where the girls will do all the heavy lifting.

Chat Roulette could be the right site for you if you're confident, open to meeting new people and willing to have an adventure, regardless of where it may take you. Chat Roulette is easy to use and takes very little time. Why not give it a try?

  • Easy, no registration access
  • Fun to do, exciting
  • 100% Free
  • There are no ads
  • Mobile friendly
  • Mobile Support
  • Women are a low percentage
  • Not guaranteed adult content