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Erofus review



Porn comics are becoming more popular in these modern times. There are many topics covered in these comics, along with amazing stories, drawings and styles. It's clear that even sex is an art form today. That's great. It's not often that you see an alien girl getting fucked from the behind. All the while following the amazing story that brought her to this banging scene. Today, we will be reviewing a web-based porn website. If you enjoyed this review, please check out this website. You'll find a wide range of topics and amazing art styles. Plus, all of them are sexual. It's a win-win situation. Let's get started!

The history of the site as well as its design

This site was created on the 8th December 2016, in the year 2016. was created in 2020. It took a lot of time to develop a navigation system, design the site properly, and add lots of content. In the next two paragraphs we will discuss everything related to the design. The navigation system on this site is also important. You can guess that we will soon uncover both the positives and the negatives. We'll see both, and we trust you.

Since this is the most vulnerable part of, let's begin with its design. This is because there isn't any design. This place only did one thing: it colored the entire site in various shades of grey and black. This place is very well designed if there are a lot of ads. This place has a serious problem right from the beginning. This design is not a good design. Their logo is nothing more than a collection of letters with no decoration. It doesn't look like they put any effort into it, except for the E letter that is supposed to be the icon of the site. is following the same pattern with its navigation system. It's nothing more than a disappointment. You just see a bunch of websites at the top and the beginning of the website. They are very useful as you can find lots of different porn. You're still here to browse the site. Their navigation system is built on a "lie", which basically tries to get you to visit other sites. These websites may be in partnership with, even though it is not stated explicitly. You won't find tools that will help you below these websites if you search for them. Their navigation system is just a collection of tags.

Website content

Now, we need to discuss the content. Before we get into the content, let's say something else. This section of the website has also been messed up by All the content is located at the centre of the website. It also has ads that are hidden among the content icons. They look quite well hidden so you might accidentally click them. They have about thirty sites they can rely on to make money. To make even more, they hide ads throughout the site. If you are already planning to use ads in your money-making scheme, it is worth having the fortitude to make it public. This site seems greedy and we don't want to continue research.

Let's now get to the content. This section of the website can be used as a guide. contains seven pages. This might seem a little disappointing at first glance. This is a good thing, at least for a site that has been around for three years. These are not seven pages of comics. These pages include seven pages that feature different types of comics and different artists. Each content button has a ton of comics. Although the system can be confusing at first, it is easy to get used to and you are rewarded with unique content. This is the best part of the website, and it's the most valuable. They could be a respected place if they applied practicality to all aspects of the website.

Mobile and desktop experience's desktop experience is not what you would call pleasant. Apart from the content and tags, the only thing you will find here is constant depressive blackness/grayness and lots of advertising. This is the problem with websites such as these. Luxury websites are usually unique and have a purpose. Some websites focus on one type of content. Some designs are amazing and attract customers. Many have both and that's great. People are more inclined to pick free sites, regardless of the topic, if they don't have annoying ads or sponsors. This is why a site like this is so unattractive and has very low chances of survival on the internet.

It's the same mobile version. There are no sponsors, endless tags or ads. You have to scroll more, because the screen is smaller. That's it for mobile and desktop versions. Both are not impressive and this is something that must change. Both are objectively terrible, it's true. The mobile version of can be even worse because it requires you to scroll thirty times as much.

What I like about the place

Let's now discuss the negative and positive sides of Let's start with the positive aspects. The content is the best. Although this place is filled with flaws that can make you mad, there are still some good stuff you can read and use for masturbating. It doesn't matter if you are looking for MILF comics or incest comics. You can find every freaky topic here, which is a wonderful thing. They're also free and easy to access, so may have that too.

Now, let's focus on the negative aspects. First,'s poor design. It is possible to simply color the entire site black, then add letters using fonts directly from the Microsoft Word program. It doesn't work and doesn't look respectable. It looks like a website that an elementary school student made in computer science class. Another flaw is the non-existence of the navigation site. You get some tags at first, but that's all. You can also scroll through the most popular and recent content. The whole site is geared towards sponsors and advertisers. It seems like the economic side is first and the material second. This could be a good idea for a luxurious, professional site that requires payment for content. Their whole system is affected by it! It just doesn't seem natural and unprofessional when a site is free to try it.

Suggestions to the site and conclusion

We can't begin to list all the suggestions for This paragraph could continue for hours. Let's get to the point. Make your site look professional, add some interesting features, and decrease the amount of sponsors or ads. If you don't want to lose them, make sure there is a space on your site that people can visit to check out your websites.

Let's conclude with this. Even though was not our first choice, they are still a good place. We may disagree with some of their choices. They have an amazing, respectable content that anyone interested in hentai ought to enjoy. That's all that matters.

  • It is simple to use
  • Amazing content
  • There are many artists and genres here.
  • Mobile Support
  • Navigation system is not available
  • The design was not well thought out.
  • Too many sponsors and ads.