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multporn review


Multporn hosts a wide range of porn comics and manga. The content is not limited by reality. Everything is just an expression of your imagination. All content is available for free. There are many choices, including western comics, Rule 63 comics which state that for every male character, there must be a female, straight comics, and gay comics.

They are attracted to irresistible cartoon babes, with strong gravity-defying legs and the most beautiful asses. They get huge cocks and fuck aliens. This site has a lot of great porn scenes, and it is a good place to go if you are looking for the best cartoon porn. Is this the best site for hentai? It's time to have a look.

Site statistics

Multporn, which was registered in November 2017, has been providing its users with the best hentai porn since it began. Multporn has grown in popularity since then, attracting 127,817 unique visitors per day and 773,702 page views daily. It is ranked #13,028 in the world. The site's estimated value is $1,155,280.00 and its daily income is around $1,949.00. These are some impressive numbers.

Incredible growth

Multporn is not yet online, but the numbers above show a tremendous growth over the past months. Hentai, as well as cartoon porn, are a growing niche. This site is keen to keep up. They offer everything that a lover of the slot could want. Many people will spend hours looking through the webcomics. These webcomics are not just samples; they are complete, up-to-date, and totally free.

High quality, free content

There is an endless supply of content. There are a lot of comics, some with insane XXX action. But that's only a small portion of what they have. You will find sections dedicated to the manga, images, games, flash animations and videos. Each section has its own subsections and categories, crammed with tons of content. This shows how vast the collection is. Visitors who are first-time visitors to the collection will be shocked, and it is rightfully so.

The collection is impressively large, and everything loads very fast, even the comics and vids. Flash will be required to view the Flash videos and games. There are no issues, which is amazing. You can browse the comics via slideshow, or autoplay on this site. Or you can use the critical navigation feature. Comics can be rated with five stars and show how many times they have been viewed. You can also leave comments below the comics.

Users can also download comics in one click. There are no issues. Some comics can be as long as 100 pages.

As is to be expected the art is well executed and leaves little room for imagination. It's possible to create some very wild and edgy situations with real people. This adds to its appeal. These porn comics have a great selection and are of the highest quality. There are large sections of hentai porn videos. These animations are of high quality and are available in both 2D and 3D. You can find them in different lengths, and some stream for more than 20 minutes. You can see the popularity of these videos by the number of views. A video that was just a week old already has over 227k views.

You can also download porn games, which is not always possible on other websites. You will find tons of GIFs and an entire section for humor porn. Some of the pieces are so beautiful, it will make you laugh. Multporn offers its readers a wide range of wonderful pieces.

Sleek, modern layout

Multporn's design is amazing, it must be said. The layout is perfect and the black background perfectly fits the theme. The page is visually appealing due to the abundance of sexy to babes all over the page. All over the homepage, the sexiest hentai girls are doing all kinds of naughty things.

Users are welcomed to the site with the latest comics, games videos, photos, mangas, and other media. The site is well-organized with an 8-bit theme. It's not complicated and should make it easy to find content. There are options to log in or register at the top left corner, but there don't seem too many benefits. There are some benefits to interacting with other hentai lovers and subscribing for updates. But not much else. Registration is easy and users have the option to use their discretion.

There are many ways to browse the site's content. First, there is the search function. This will be very convenient for users. You can filter the main page by any category. This should reduce the amount of searching. It is also possible to sort the collection by author, which is especially useful for people who have a particular artist in mind. Each site function works quickly and without annoying delays.

The comics can be sorted according to category, character and section. There are also many other options. Users can sort the hentai Manga section by section, category, and alphabetical order.

These ads are annoying

The ads, which are common with free porn sites that offer users a free collection hentai almost ruin the experience. The comics are cluttered with distracting and large photo ads that point to other sites, most of which have nothing to do the hentai niche. Sometimes, a video popup appears on the right. This is also an annoying presence. Fair play to the site. The ads aren't too bothersome.

Hentai porn on-the-move

Multporn's mobile site is robust, but not as smooth as its desktop counterpart. Popup ads are everywhere. Flash games will not work unless the user downloads Dolphin Browser, which has an integrated flash player. It is an enjoyable experience. It is easy to use the buttons, which are large and very simple.

Multporn: There are many things to love

Free comics. The site offers a huge selection of webcomics in high quality, for free.

High quality videos. There is a great selection of videos that you can stream and download in decent quality.

Excellent design. The site's design is both visually appealing and offers many options. The site is organized well with all the options at the right places.

The site receives regular updates. It is updated daily with new comics. This series is also kept current.

Multporn: The Things You Hate

Popup Videos There are many ads and popups that can distract from the content, even though they are not overwhelming.

A user account does not offer any benefits. Typically, having a user accounts comes with many benefits but an account offers very little. It is because users don't really need an account. Everything was already available for free.

What the site can do to improve

This niche content is why the site should have a community section. The addition of this section would allow users to share their opinions on hentai issues and other related topics. Account holders should have more options, such as the ability to upload content.


Multporn, for all hentai fans, is the Holy Grail. You will find thousands of comics, videos and GIFs on this site. All of it is available at a fantastic price: free. You can also download comics and videos. There are many categories available, so you can find something for every taste.

  • Comics for free.
  • High quality videos.
  • Great design.
  • Regular updates.
  • Mobile Support
  • Advertisement.
  • No benefits are offered by a user account.