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myhentaicomics review


Myhentaicomics was established in 2014. It is an adult website that specializes in the distribution of pornographic manga-style comics. This site receives more than 5,000,000 visits each month. Most of them are looking for extreme sequential depravity that is not usually found on "vanilla" porn sites. Although the header of MyHentaiComics shows a mature site, the image does not show the depths of perversion that viewers will discover.

Hentai by the Hundreds and Thousands

MyHentaiComics' site is so young that many consider it to have an outdated layout. Site logo and header use unstyled fonts and a basic blue-on black color scheme. However, it is clear that the site is not being used by fans to find graphic design tips. On our first landing, we saw the website's most popular draws: buxom werewolf woman ripping off their clothes, sexy Sonic the Hedgehog versions, and dragons getting horny when seeing big-bootied humans.

The header of the homepage lists many of the most popular categories on the site. Here, you will find a lot of popular categories like Bisexuality, Futanaris, Incests, Pregnants, Rape, Tentacles, and Futanari. They also have a rich selection of adult comics with Hardcore, Interracial and Lesbian characters.

There are many stories about humans having sexual intercourses with nonhumans, just like on other hentai websites. Furry is one of the most popular subgenres. Although hybrids of human and animal are frequently seen in stories receiving fellatio or cunnilingus and other forms of penetration, we didn't see any full-on beastiality during our visit. However, the latter is also listed among their categories.

MyHentaiComics default view shows the latest comics first. A thumbnail of the frontpage opens to a gallery view that shows the entire hentai/doujinshi. There are close to 15,000 pages in this archive. Each page has 15 thumbnails. This totals to more than 210,000 explicit hentai that are suitable for only adult eyes. Although many would argue that this material is not suitable for anyone, strongly disagrees.

MyHentaiComics: Adult Comics reviewed the latest uploaded porno comic Animal Magnetism. The tags indicate that this comic parodies Boku No Hero Academia/My Hero Academia and features Ahegao and Anal. Ahegao, a Japanese style of artistic smut that features exaggerated facial expressions in various acts of sexual intercourse, is not well-known.

MyHentaiComics presents a lot of doujinshi in black and white. Animal Magnetism is full-color. The art is so professional that one could assume the manga was officially licensed and published if it didn't contain a highly pornographic portrayal of anime characters.

Every page in a comic book gallery is represented by a thumbnail. Each gallery displays only 15 pages of comic books. The Next button at the bottom allows you to jump to the next page. Animal Magnetism has 28 pages, which is just enough content to provide a quick lunch break masturbatory session.

Unfortunately, there is no easy way to download all the hentai/doujinshi files in one click. Although a browser plug in is possible for enterprising users to do the job, a zip file or another condensed format would be much more user-friendly.

A page thumbnail can be clicked to load a high resolution version of the page. You can turn pages by clicking on the buttons to the left or right. The English-language Animal Magnetism story was followed by our lead character, who crushed a monster skull using a rock. He then had his pants cut open by the female lead. He then uses his large, veiny penis to fall in love with her, without any protection.

MyHentaiComics: Uncensored Hentai Genitals

Hentai, as well as any Japanese pornography, is plagued by censorship of the genitals. These laws are old and ambiguous in Japan, so many content creators choose to be cautious. Our review of MyHentaiComics revealed that the majority of comics were uncensored.

In a parody of Dragon Quest, for example, a giantess Ahegao depicts a female wizard taking on a massive dragon's huge member as deep as she can. Later, he penetrates her in a doggy-style position. Both internal and exterior views are included. Although the dragon eventually ejaculates fire it appears that this is his usual style of climax, and not an indication of sexually transmitted infections.

Hotdogs is a comic that depicts more full-color depravity, but without the need for censorship. This is a Pokemon parody. However, it's slightly more realistic in terms of artistic rendering than the source material. These Pokemon are easier to identify as Pokemon-human hybrids. They have a heavier anthropomorphism. Futanari pegging, anal fucking and their corresponding pink doggy dicks are shown in a graphic and realistic manner.

MyHentaiComics is so rare that it's hard to find any censorship. We also found parodies of gay Simpsons and breast-milking heroes, rapist dogmen, and hypnosis-induced blowjobs. Scooby Doo Doo dollie depicted a sexy, furry Scooby Doo dollie. He also featured a uncensored act by a ghost that engaged in sexual molestation.

We did not find any censorship on the Japanese porn comics, but we did find lots of furry salad tossing and unobscured BBW inflation or squirting. Widowmaker X Efi was an Overwatch parody that featured black bars placed over the 6-foot penile shaft. The illustration shows his testicles of coconut-size without using any graphics.

How much is too much hentai?

We found MyHentaiComics's site organization and filter/sort options a little lacking considering the huge and growing archive of hentai. MyHentaiComics does not offer advanced search options as you would expect from a large online porn library. Instead, there is a search bar and a list of categories to choose from.

The front page could be simplified with a few simple filtering and sorting options. This would make it much easier to browse the site. A good place to start is to check boxes for sexual orientation. Many viewers of straight pornography don’t like to see men-on-male fellatio in their masturbatory reading sessions. The ability to sort the stash according to Most Viewed, Most Popular, or Newest is a standard feature on most porn websites and should be rightfully included.

A long, detailed list of tags that can be found on hentai sites would make filtering easier. Although the All Categories page at MyHentaiComics has a few dozen subgenres, it is quite compact. You can choose from 3D, Ass Expansion and Bukkake as well as Body Swap, Lactation, Mind Control/Hypnosis, and Bukkake. The thumbnails for each category are shown. Breast Expansion shows a girl with large and growing breasts. Furry features a girl who is squirting like a cheetah. Femdom has a lingerie-clad girl who kicks a man in the nuts.

Although the site could be better organized, they are still a popular choice for fans of explicit and perverse hentai or doujinshi. MyHentaiComics' adult comics cover a wide range of depravities that include some of the most vile fetishes. Many of these kinks cannot be illustrated in other formats than comics, which is likely why they are so popular. has a lot to offer. It is a treasure trove of free hentai. Fans will love it for its variety, frequent updates, and low spam.

  • Uncensored doujinshi and hentai.
  • Read it for free.
  • There are hundreds of thousands of
  • porn cartoons.
  • Regular updates.
  • Mobile Support
  • One click downloads.
  • Filter options for weak types.