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fleshbot review



Porn blogs have been and continue to be fascinating things, as we have discovered. They combine two of the most popular internet things - gossip, opinion from anonymous writers, and sex.

As with many things that are simple, it is not easy to find quality and skill. We also found that even though porn blogs have been around for almost as long as the internet, their quality has not diminished.

We have found at least a handful of smut-focused blogs that are not only good, but have also improved over time. Fleshbot, a porn blog that is a giant, is an example.

From the Ashes of The Dot Com Boom...

Y2K was a mixture of optimism, speculation and paranoia. Perhaps nowhere was this better than the events that followed, including the bursting and subsequent precipitation of the Dot Com bubble.

In March 2000, many once very profitable websites were shut down or needed urgently to be rehabilitated around the globe. While some were fortunate to escape with their businesses, the risk of starting or investing in a net-based venture was too high for many.

Gawker Media was founded by Nick Denton, who, among other popular and controversial websites, also created Gawker Media. was one of the first to be launched in late 2003. It is a discussion, critique and promotion site that focuses on the documentation of sex online.

Fleshbot didn't just focus on the professional porn industry as some of its competitors. Instead, Fleshbot also covered the emerging market for amateur porn and sex in mainstream entertainment and pop culture in general. This blog also covered straight sex, i.e. both gay and lesbian sex.

Although this may seem risky as it was before the internet, it was also before the celebrity sex tape was invented and the ubiquity non-graphic erotica both on TV and in films. Fleshbot was launched a year ago, and the famous sex video 1 in Paris featuring Rick Salomon and Paris Hilton came out. It was also at this time that gay activism began to be popular in many parts of the world.

As the years have passed, Fleshbot has experienced changes in its leadership and its share of highs or lows. Gawker Media founder Nick Denton, as well as Lux Alptraum (the site's editor in chief and short owner), reported that Fleshbot was struggling financially in 2011. The site was put up for auction, and SK Intertainment purchased it.

Fleshbot is one of the most popular porn blogs, despite its focus on erotic entertainment, sexual commentary, and extensive upgrades and content additions.

The design is both delicate and thoughtful.

We should also mention dirty, but only in that sense that erotica lovers love.

You are not required to verify your age before you go to the homepage. Instead, you will be treated to beautiful photos of pornographic images that showcase the latest developments in the sex business.

In keeping with Fleshbot's brand image, you will be shown all content they offer, including straight, gay and trans. You can toggle between specific sexualities easily by using the filter tab at the top of each page. You can also select the type of blog posts in a particular category.

The Main Draw is Not Disappointing

Fleshbot's main focus is not to preview or promote videos but to comment on photos, video galleries, and sex tapes. We are not sure if some sex enthusiasts will think that Fleshbot's posts only consist of boring text, but we believe that Fleshbot's comments are a combination of comment and cum-filled visual content.

Although this is a short list, we believe the following are our top recurring blogs...

GIF Of The Day - We think everyone loves GIFs these days, especially if they are sexually explicit. You will enjoy being treated to new clips of fornication if you're like us. They also feature a variety of fetishes to your pleasure.

Porn Review- Fleshbot is not a website that focuses on sex. It only reviews and recommends the hottest sex in the industry. This series includes not only short descriptions, but also trailers.

A Guide to... - We mentioned that Fleshbot is notable for its discussion of all things human sexuality. This platform stands out because of their regularly updated posts about how to improve your sexual life, which is a big difference to other sex-oriented blogs.

Fleshlinks. While Fleshbot's content quality is high, as is its volume, they don't mind promoting the work of others. Although most of the content they link to is owned or affiliated with SK Intertainment's, that shouldn't stop you from visiting the wonderful links in these posts.

Top Ten... - The majority of net users are aware of the trend to rank everything in some kind of list. Fleshbot regularly posts semi-regular blogs about various porn performers, female fetishes and other sex-related items into some sort of ranking.

Some of the stories are a bit cliché. We think so. However, they are still very well-written and entertaining.

Throwback Thursday We have discovered that even the most experienced smut enthusiasts miss some of the best erotica from years past. Fleshbot, which covers vintage erotica, has a weekly series that we don't have to cover.

This week in... -- Another semi-regular blog series which examines significant events that occurred in the distant or recent past at the intersection between pop and porn cultures.

Fleshbot's Sex Toy of the week - We often see articles on adult toys lacking on many sex websites, even porn blogs. It is not unusual to see websites selling adult toys or having e-stores that sell them. There aren't enough detailed descriptions of how the items feel or how they compare to other brands.

Fleshbot's authors do a good job in this area, where other websites of the same type often fail. The articles aren't very detailed, but they give enough information to give the reader a good idea of what they can expect if they spend the money on the sexual stimulator.

Fleshbot's editorial staff appears to be aware that the best way to succeed online is to work with and link to other websites. This is particularly important in the highly competitive online sex market.

It is common to find guest posts from other bloggers, or entire articles from established websites. These posts are usually posted during major holidays but they can also happen any time. Skin and Mr.

There is Content for All Orientations

Two sections are dedicated to gay blogs. You will find the same quality and recurring series blog posts as the main straight page. You can find examples on the straight page like Fleshlinks and Gif of the Day.

Open Post is an original blog series that asks readers to imagine sex scenarios. There's also a lot of information about the "porny bits" of pop culture which are heavily queer. You can find reviews of scenes from American television show Rivendale and posts from all over the globe from men who use Instagram, both famous and not. There is even commentary about homosexual politicians.

We should mention that the trans section focuses mainly on MtF sexual culture. It is notable that Trans 500 and TS Seduction get a lot of attention, but there are very few posts not related.

You Can Sort Results By Blog Category

You can access them by category to simplify the process of sorting through the blog posts, both in terms of volume and series. Although not as extensive as the section on porn sites, the categories on this site offer a great selection of choices.

Pornstars This category is not only focused on porn but also highlights established stars in the industry. Are you interested in keeping up with an aspiring starlet or stud? This page is updated regularly.

Porn Galleries and Hardcore - These categories do not focus on specific performers but instead show a lot of previews and pictures from new adult films.

Editorial Features - This section contains a mixture of amateur and professional erotica. It is not meant to be used as affiliate marketing but rather as an honest opinion by the editors about what they find most rousing in recent raunchy publications.

These categories can only be found in the Straight or Gay sections...

Amateur- People love to show off their self-esteem in the age of social media and selfies. This is the place to be if you enjoy seeing everyday exhibitionists strut their stuff and getting complimentary commentary.

Celebrity We mentioned earlier the Paris Hilton sex tape, and its impact on pop culture and Fleshbot's blog. Fleshbot still posts blogs about celebrity partial nudity and whole nakedness in keeping with the great content that made their website so popular.

TV/Movies This section is a bit more softcore than the Celebrity section. It regularly posts about the most suggestive moments in the best television programs and movies around the world.

Sponsored- Do you like guest posts from allied websites? This category is worth a look.

There's also the "exclusive straight stuff"

Podcast This category is only accessible via the Straight section. It hosts all direct links that lead to the top porn and adult entertainment news podcasts, and interview programs on-line. The Mr. Bustin Theroux also hosts a podcast called Skin, and interviews with pornstars.

Lesbian This one can only be found in the Straight section and only posts about lesbian porn. We couldn't help but wonder, "Shouldn't this be the Gay section?"

It is also worth noting that each page has a number of links to friends. They are among the top sites we've reviewed, including Mr. Skin, Ego All-Stars and Naked News as well as a popular gay porn blog Mr. Man.

Fleshbot can be followed on Social Media

Fleshbot, even though it is a porn site, has both a Twitter and Facebook presence. While the former site has more explicit content, the latter post links to a lot of erotic content that is not available on the main site.

You can sign up for their newsletter by clicking the link at the bottom of each page. Fleshbot's Instagram account contains links to their articles, affiliate porn blogs, new scenes, and toys from their sex shop.

And there is a phenomenal E-Store

We have learned that many of our readers love sex toys. FleshbotShop offers a wide selection of sex toys, though we aren't sure if this means they are either major kinksters, or desperate virgins.

There are many search and filter options that can be used to help you find the perfect purchase. You can also sort items by most popular, new releases, top-rated, or function using the left-hand menu. This means that you can choose from items that are lubricants or anal toys, items that are suitable for couples, and items that cater to a particular gender.

You can also sort your next porn purchase using the topside menu by movie title, star performer, studio that made it, and the ones which are currently on sale. You can also order DVDs and rent or stream movies directly to your internet-capable device.

There are seasonal specials all year long for all products, but it is important to note that most of them are held around Western holidays.

You don't have to bother with the webcams

We don't have anything against live webcams and we are certain that our readers don't either. We believe that every brand, even one as well-polished and polished as Fleshbot should have one that is unique to them and their brand. Unfortunately, the Live Sex link takes you to Flirt4Free's landing page.

What should you do to read Facebook on a mobile or desktop device?

Fleshbot is great on all devices, but there are some differences. Mobile devices can be difficult to access the links to the sister site of the blog due to the cookie notification bar. However, this is not a major issue in our opinion. You can access the menu by clicking 'I agree'.

The e-store runs smoothly on both devices and there are no major differences. We think that you will enjoy this site on any device.

Fleshbot: What We Love About It

Fleshbot is unique because of a few small features that enhance the user's experience. You will find a button called "top" at the bottom of the screen. This button will automatically scroll the window to the top, which is very handy since the site offers infinite scrolling.

What we Hate about Fleshbot

It's rare that we can find anything substantive to criticize a website, but Fleshbot seems to be one of those exceptions.

The mobile version has minor design issues, while the desktop version features minor design choices that we would change. You should also note that the loading time of blog articles may take longer depending on how fast your internet connection is.

We don't think there is anything that could detract from the user's enjoyment of this well-made porn website.

Do You Need to Follow This Fap blog?

We have nothing negative to say about this site, as you can see in the last section of our review. However, it should be noted that not everyone will find it appealing. Some people may find some articles distracting, or even "click baity" because they focus on pop culture.

This site is amazing and has survived and thrived for so long. Fleshbot is a site we highly recommend and are giving it five stars.

  • This site regularly uploads information
  • about the adult entertainment industry
  • as well as the sexy parts of pop culture.
  • You will find uploads that suit every
  • reader's needs, including porn previews
  • and comedic commentary as well as
  • sexy reviews.
  • The collection and specials in the
  • e-store is quite impressive and fair.
  • Mobile Support
  • We would like to make minor
  • aesthetic adjustments to the website.
  • Some readers might not like the
  • emphasis on softcore porn or
  • the sensual aspects of pop culture.
  • Depending on what device or
  • browser is being used, uploads
  • from the past may take longer to upload.