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There are many old school porn sites on the internet. Since years, the web has been offering only the best sex videos and image galleries. You're searching for one of these classic websites? Then you have come to the right place. This is a website you'll love. They have been providing the best content available for over a decade and you'll enjoy all that they have to offer. If you are interested in such things, you should keep reading. You will likely find lots of useful information.

The history of the site as well as its design

It is known that the site was launched in 2005. A few owners are registered together, but most of them are small companies. It is also clear that this website is based in the Netherlands. You'll find great European content here. It is one of those sites that instantly reveals its age by the way it looks. Even though it is almost fifteen years old, continues to thrive and there are no plans to stop it.

The design of can be a little tricky. Although it appears to be a good site, it is actually quite old. The shade of blue that is just attacking your eyes is a clear sign. The ads to the right are also distracting. This place doesn't really look special from an artistic perspective. You won't find everything you need quickly here because it's scattered throughout the site. It was designed to look more like an internet blog than a porn website, which will be evident from the first second.

The options available on have poor design and are not for everyone. They can be found all over the site, mostly to the sides, and not in the middle. You will likely be confused at first because of how they look. Remembering that the options are located on the sides of this site will make browsing easier. It is the content that is at its core, and it doesn't change. There are many options, from blogs to categories and lots of other stuff. You might find some of the information useful, while others will probably make you mad.

Website content's content doesn't have a specific theme. It's mostly your usual porn videos. You can find just a bit of everything here. You can find anal sex, blowjobs and babes from every background. This place has it all. This is one of the best things about this place, as the other things we will be discussing are not right. The problem is that the content is scattered all over the place. You will understand what we mean.

The content includes videos, image galleries and porn stars. If you are looking for some fun and a quick session, you can turn on some videos. You can also browse the image galleries if you are looking for something more sensual or slow. You can search for a porn star you like, and you'll be able to see all of her content. This side of the website is useful enough to help you keep track and find new material from your favorite artists. You can also access webcams.

One thing that does not like is their distribution system. Although they created a horrible site design and sprayed the content all over it, that's not the worst thing. Worst of all is that when you click on the content it will redirect you to another site that's only for that content. The website we are currently reviewing serves more as an intermediary for the content than a true and authoritative site. This is a bad thing. Access to the content should be possible right away, on one website only.

Mobile and desktop experience

The desktop experience on's website is terrible. The design is horrible, but there are many options. You will need to move other sites in order to view the videos and other content. It's much more profitable to find another pornographic website where you can do all you want. It's not unusual for a site like this to look old and out of date. Only then, the browsing experience will be enjoyable if everything on their site was fixed. The content is at least okay.

Even worse is the phone experience. First, the mobile version of doesn't give you a description of what it is all about. You don't even get a brief description of the site or any of its content. Their webcam content is the only thing they place emphasis on. You have to scroll, scroll, and click buttons to see the options that aren’t that great.

What I like about the place

Everything on is open to debate. You'll hate 90% of the site's content if you are a long-term porn lover. The design, the options and the entire navigation system are all bad. It's all horrible and makes it difficult to even browse the site. They need to make their site better. It's not unusual, they've been around since 2005! It would be reasonable to expect that they would have at least updated the place during this time. You have to keep up with the times.

One thing that's okay about, is that they're as old as they are. This means you'll find old school content here that you won't find elsewhere, which is a good thing. Today's porn isn’t as good as it used to be, but some people still enjoy a nostalgic trip. Their content is excellent, which is also a plus. It's still not impressive, even with that added to the mix. If they want their website to be a popular place on the internet, there are many things that need to be done.

Suggestions to the site and conclusion

One suggestion for is to simply fix everything. Make the site more user-friendly, modernize it, and add better descriptions. They also have translation options that may not work properly. To navigate to the area, you will need to use the translator. If the descriptions are in English, they may still be in a Scandinavian language like Norwegian. They should fix everything on their website. Anyone with even a little experience in web design will feel completely pissed off during browsing.

Everything else on works just fine, huh? Both the videos and images are fresh. You can also browse the webcams. Another cool thing is the sex shop. You won't have a bad time if you are only here for the content. won't impress you. Although you will be tempted to visit another site, the quality of the content will likely convince you otherwise. This is the place to go if you are looking for an extensive content collection with tons of old-school stuff and hot babes. If that's true, you should definitely stay. Although the rest of their content isn't great, they can make it better over time so there's no reason to abandon this site.

  • Good content.
  • Large content collections.
  • You can also find sex toys in the shop.
  • Mobile Support
  • It is horrendous.
  • The navigation system is horrible.
  • The translation options are not correct.