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RussiaSexyGirls review



Our readers seem to be more interested in Russian women than most porn users. We were initially unsure why, but after looking at several websites like Russia Sexy Girls, and other sites from this part of the globe, we believe we now know.

Russia is technically both located in eastern Europe, and western Asia. This means that there are many different ethnicities and body types. We believe this, along with the mystique that the Land of Czars gives Russian women, makes them a special exotic.

Russia Sexy Girls is one of many sites that features women from this area. They have compiled a remarkable collection of photo sets that you should definitely check out.

Simple, but sweet site design

RSG's design is simple and straightforward. It uses a white background with black text and dark grey/black text. There are virtually no colors in the rest of the site. This makes the site load super fast, even if your device is a decade old or you have slow data uploads. This makes the preview photos and galleries stand out on this page.

We feel we are suffering from sensory deprivation because there is no visual stimuli in the way of color accents, logos, or any other visual stimulation. Worse, it almost seems like this website is a landing page created by cyber pirates in order to lure porn lovers and load their computer with the most dangerous forms of malware.

The Archive is truly enormous

RSG was launched in 2012 and has since uploaded hundreds of galleries per year. There are many photos in each gallery, some as many as a dozen. Each gallery seems to have a different model. Each gallery has a set of photos that is well-designed and a theme. Some are simple, some are more subtle, but they are all high-quality.

Every one of them gets thousands of views. Most galleries get many likes. The best galleries may even score a few comments. This last part was our favorite, considering how basic and old this site is. A porn site doesn't have to look pretty, as long as the girls are beautiful.

The Top Filter Feature is a nice feature, but it needs some work.

There are more than 8,500 galleries, and there are many filters to help you find the most interesting ones. You can sort the gallery by date, view count and number of likes or comments.

We recommend that you click over to the Top section if you don't want to spend time sorting through the web for the best items. It has the same filters. Although it is convenient, we believe that an on-site search engine is more effective, particularly since most of the sites have tags. You can still search for a specific girl using the Model page.

They have tons of exclusive cam girls

Two things make this site stand out from all other sites, even those that were created in the last year: a unique section for cam girls. That is, at least, in a way. We mean Bongacams is the host of these cammers, but all the models featured on RSG are the same as those on the main site.

There are many couples, both heterosexual and lesbian, in addition to the solo girls. As with the photo galleries, performers come in a variety of body types and fetishes.

While you'll eventually need to pay for private shows later on, we found that these women are particularly fervent and will not hesitate to get naked, masturbating and engage in other sexual activities for no cost.

The Girl on Map is the Greatest Thing Everyday

We think most of you will agree.

This section of the website is unique. You will find a map of Russia, marked with numbers and colored dots at the top of this page. Each number is the number of Russian women who have willingly stripped in front of you, even in public places.

This is how we, or anyone else, know it. Street view screen captures can prove the ladies' exhibitionism. This and the fact that so many women volunteer to do this feature have been rated and discussed by RSG users in the comments section.

There is not much else to say.

Russia Sexy Girls doesn't offer anything other than the GoM element. It is worth noting, at least, on the site. The site also has a Random button, which will take you to any page in the archive. It also has a Twitter account and a Tumblr. They don't have much, but if RSG is your favorite, you might be interested in following one of these pages.

Also, you will have to put up with a lot of ads

The site has a lot of ads. Some of these adverts do not render correctly, making it even more frustrating. You will see, for example, squashed photos with clickbait titles at the bottom of most pages that only take you to an unrelated Chaturbate.

Here are some ways we would improve this porn platform

RSG's first upgrade is a logo and an icon. This site launched in 2012, but it looks almost like it was created in the mid-nineties. We would also add a color accent to the site, instead of allowing ads to be the only color.

We would remove some ads or reorganize them so that they don't look distracting and tacky on every page. To make the links "friends of this site" more attractive, we would also change their appearance.

Since these videos have been tagged, it is necessary to provide some type of category or tag page. To make it easier for users to find their Russian fantasy photo sets, there should be a search engine.

We think the GoM features and the unique cams pages are both great, but we feel there should be more. Given the number of users who follow this site, we'd add a chat box, at minimum a basic forum, and a blog that is updated regularly.

Are We Sure This Is A Randy Russian Site Of Notoriety?

This site does an excellent job of uploading the best females from the Rus. There aren't many extra attractions, aside from the webcam models and the amazing Girls On On Map.

Although this may have been acceptable at the time the site was created, we believe it is now almost mandatory to include social features such as a category section and a quality download option. We also recommend a photo-cycling feature. This is especially unfortunate considering the active and large community RSG has.

This platform is for you if you love beautiful pictures of women from far East Europe. You won't be interested if you don't. We rate Russia Sexy Girls 3 and 1/2 out of 5 hands. But we encourage you all to read it and make your own decision.

  • Virtually all photos have a unique girl,
  • but also a theme or props.
  • The filter features can be programmed
  • in a way that is very pleasing.
  • You can see everything for free, and the
  • site has an active community despite
  • its age.
  • The Girl On The Map is the most
  • interesting thing you should check out.
  • Mobile Support
  • It is very simple, but it can be
  • boring to look at.
  • We were disappointed at the
  • absence of social features and
  • other essentials for porn sites.
  • You will find tons of ads on
  • almost every page.