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iStripper review



It's getting better, and a little better every day.

In many ways, the internet has made our lives easier. Sites like Amazon make it so much easier to shop online than ever before. You can place an order online and receive your package at your door in as little as 32 hours. Friends and family can keep in touch via social networking sites such as Instagram and Facebook, no matter where they are located.

Sites like Ancestry or 23 and Me make it easy to find long-lost relatives and trace the roots of family trees they didn't know existed. This allows people to create new connections and build familial histories. The internet's benefits are not all positive. The internet has revolutionized entertainment in many ways, especially adult entertainment.

For instance, there is more free porn on the internet today than ever before. Just a few clicks on the keyboard and you'll have countless free porn videos available to you. It's a wonderful time to live. The webcam and live streaming have made porn more interactive. Instead of watching a porno for relaxation, you can now find a girl online to have sex with. You can control the vibrations of her dildo remotely and bring her pleasure wherever you are.

The internet has changed how people do almost everything. It has offered an alternative way to enjoy age-old creature comforts. The information age has changed the way we consume and interact with each other. iStripper, a free software, has made it possible to view beautiful women in their sexy costumes without actually going to a strip club.

All the benefits of the Strip Club, none of the anoyances

It was a real pain to go to the strip club. First, you had to find time in your busy schedule to go. We all know that it wasn't always easy. You had to get dressed up, leave your home, regardless of traffic or weather, and walk to the ATM. Singles can't go to the club without them. You should also consider bringing a few friends along (nobody wants be the lonely guy at the stripclub). It is difficult to coordinate schedules with three to four other guys who are just as busy as yours.

Money is another issue. You'll be able to tell how quickly one trip to a stripclub can drain your bank accounts if you've been there before. Drinks are outrageously expensive, and this doesn't include the hundreds of dollars that you will need to buy singles for a great time. Don't forget to add the cost of a private party if you want to experience the real thing. If you're not careful, a trip to the stripclub can quickly turn into a $500 affair.

There is now an easier, faster, and more affordable way to experience a simulation of a strip club experience from your computer monitor. You can get a dance lesson from hot girls without ever leaving your bed. You may be wondering how this is possible. iStripper is the answer. This program allows you to download any new program directly onto your hard disk, and it's completely free. The downloading is at most free... more later.

iStripper, according to the developers of the software is "a unique technology in video incrustation that displays videos of sexy girl directly on your taskbar without any background just like they were living inside your screen." You can watch amazing videos of girls stripping right there, superimposed onto the screen. No matter what your computer is doing, if iStripper runs, you will have a beautiful girl there to help you get through your day.

These are the Best Strippers from All Over the World

These girls are stunning, and Porn Sites cannot overstate their beauty. iStripper's models represent the best of the crop - the most beautiful strippers from around the globe. You will have the opportunity to see beautiful brunettes from Russia and petite Latinas from the United States. There will also be some sexy little Irish redheads. These girls are not only supermodels but also some of the most talented dancers you have ever seen. It is hard to deny the dazzling quality of the girls at iStripper. There is no denying the high quality of their private dance performances, which they can put on right at your computer.

The girls are not only better than the ones you will find at your local strip clubs (absolutely, no C-section scars!). The software is also well-designed and simple to use. It is extremely intuitive. It is very easy to use. You can hide or show your iStripper using simple buttons. There is also a section that allows you to view or purchase new performances without leaving the program.

iStripper dances can be purchased using credits, much like adult webcams that may have influenced the software. The program is completely free, as we mentioned before. It comes preloaded with unlimited nude previews to give you a feel for the program before you commit to spending a penny of your own money. The fully nude previews, which are the real bread and butter of iStripper, can only be purchased using credits - iStripper’s digital currency.

The price of credit depends on the type of credit package you're interested in. Prices range from $4.99 to 25 credits and $49.99 for 500 credits. As is the case with credit-based websites and software, the more you buy, the better the deal. It is important to remember that shows start at 20 credits. Each show's price is different depending on its model, duration and the nature of the show.

Fantastic Community, User Features, and Customer Support

This is another thing about iStripper - all models are rated and rated by users of iStripper. As you might expect, a girl rated 4.89 out 5 stars is more likely to be paid credits per show than a girl rated 2.86. The program also has a filter that allows you to quickly sort through the many available strippers by a variety of criteria. You can search alphabetically for girls, or by their names if you prefer. You can filter them by hair color and age as well as rating or type (duos, porn star shows, etc.). Porn Sites was unable to locate any porn stars of major importance on their roster at this time... just so you are aware.

If anything goes wrong with your order or the software, there is a customer support team that is available. You can also get technical support from iStripper employees via the forum at There you can also discuss the shows and offer suggestions for improvements to the program. If you have any questions, there is a customer service email address.

It is 100% safe to download. You can be sure that iStripper has no history of spyware, adware or viruses. Given the amount of shows it offers, it is quite small. Performance or latency issues should not be a concern.

The price is the only thing that could have been improved about iStripper. These dances can add up. The cost of iStripper dancing is negligible when you consider the amount you'd likely spend at a strip club. Although it might be an alternative to going to the strip club every day, it is not a complete replacement. The girls can't give you lap dances, but they are able to offer them some entertainment. It is a great way to get your strip club fix when you don’t feel like going out.

  • There are tons of stunning models and amazing performances
  • Searches in-program for girls and dances
  • Software design that is intuitive and easy to use
  • Mobile Support
  • Price