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Video Download Helper review

Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper

Video Download Helper Review

This extension or add-on is easy to find by its name. Downloadhelper, an extension for Firefox and Chrome that lets users download videos from many sites, is simple to use. Although many websites allow users to download videos from their sites, there are some hurdles that must be overcome. For example, downloading videos can take up to an hour. Downloadhelper makes downloading videos easy. It can be used with almost all video sites, including DailyMotion and Facebook.

A brief history and some stats

Michel Gutierrez developed the extension in December 2006. Video DownloadHelper, the third most downloaded extension for Firefox, is now the second most-recommended Mozilla extension. It is ranked #12,474 in the global traffic ranking, with 134,955 unique visitors per day and 809,730 page views per day. Its estimated value is $1,165,680.00 with a daily income around $1,619.00

Video downloads are easy and free

Download Helper's best feature is its ability to be used as many times as you want, without having to pay a penny. Download Helper allows users to download tons of videos from various porn sites without having to create user accounts or deal with other obstacles. However, there is one exception: users can't download videos from YouTube unless Firefox is installed. The good news for porn lovers is that the giant video streaming site has a strict policy against pornography, so they won’t lose out on much.

Find porn on hundreds of websites

Although the extension is not YouTube-friendly, it supports almost 500 porn websites and users won't have to worry about running low on porn material or not being able to find their favorite porn video because it was removed. This happens often, especially for porn sites that host material without consulting their original owners. All users need to do with Download Helper is select their favorite porn site, and then download as much of the adult content as possible. There will still be many sites with adult content to discover, so even then it is a great news. You can either check the list of sites that are supported or use the search options to locate what you are looking for.

This add-on works with all top porn sites, such as PornHub and XHamster. Although this isn't a porn site, it is loaded with delicious adult material. It is worth noting that all of these sites allow users to download porn without having to pay anything.

This extension is available for both Chrome and Firefox browsers. No matter which browser the user uses, the extension will work with both Chrome and Firefox. It will allow users to download any porno from the hundreds of sites listed above. This tool doesn't require users to log in to download any porno, which is often a requirement for free porn sites like PornHub or Xhamster. This handy add-on can be used to download any video as long as it plays on any site.

It is simple to use

The extension can be installed and used in a matter of minutes. Once the extension is installed, users will see an icon in their browser which they can click whenever they visit a page that has a video. The drop-down menu offers a variety of options to download the videos from any website. You might find other resolutions and videos that are not available for download.

Once the user has chosen the video they wish to download, click the download icon to save it to their computer. You can customize certain settings of this extension. The default settings should still be acceptable. You can change the settings to personalize your DownloadHelper experience. The process is very straightforward and users don't need to be familiarized with it.

All videos available for download allows users to download any type of video they want. This review will help you understand how to download XXX video. If you are unsure which site is best for your video, the Video Sites tab will give you a complete list. You can choose to show only adult sites. Users have a large list of options.

The extension also allows users to sort sites by popularity or default. This option allows users to view the most popular websites according to other users. This extension is a great option for people who aren't sure what they want. You can also sort porn sites based on their rating, how recent they were created, and even according to their names or interest rates. There are many options.

Only Chrome users can choose the premium option

Although the extension works well with the free version of Chrome, there is a premium version. It is only available to Chrome users. Users won't have the ability to upgrade their extensions on the site if they click on the premium option. The premium status must be verified before creating a premium section. It all boils down to the user's luck. It seems that many users create it easily, judging by the comments.

Great support team

If users have any problems with the extension, which is almost always possible, they should contact customer service. They will respond to your questions as soon as possible. There is a section specifically for this purpose. DownloadHelper has a forum page that allows users to share their problems and get help. This community is friendly and full of resourceful people who can answer all your questions.

DownloadHelper is a great tool for helping people. You can contribute to the development of Downloadhelper by clicking on the Contribute tab in your header menu. The tool is free to use and supports, and therefore requires that users contribute.

If you are unable to afford a donation, please leave a rating comment. Kiva is a lending initiative that allows people to lend money to others in need.

DownloadHelper: The Best Things About It

The extension is absolutely free and users don't need to pay anything. There is a premium version available, but this is not necessary.

The extension is simple to install and easy to use You can easily download your favorite videos from the extension.

Access to hundreds of porn websites. The add-on allows users to access hundreds of porn sites and they can grab tons of porn directly from their favorite sites.

Additional features. DownloadHelper allows users to download porn. However, it also offers commercial features such as editing videos and aggregating several to one.

Potential concerns

The extension doesn't allow YouTube downloads. This may not have anything to do with porn. It is important to inform Chrome users that the extension does not allow them to download videos from YouTube.

Encourages Piracy. Users will download videos from sites that might not allow free downloads or require a user account. Inadvertently, the extension could aid piracy.

Conclusion, which hosts a great tool that allows users to download porn and other videos, is an excellent site. The site has a clear name and a simple website with lots of information. It's free and simple to use. The best news for porn lovers is that it is compatible with hundreds upon hundreds of porn websites.

  • No cost extension
  • It is simple to use
  • There are hundreds of porn sites
  • Extra features
  • Mobile Support
  • YouTube Downloads not supported
  • Encourages piracy