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9hentai review



9Hentai, as the name implies, is a website that offers a lot of Hentai manga and Hentai that users can download and read for free. This collection includes both doujinshi as well as mainstream comics, so fans of this type of manga will find what they are looking for. The comics are well done and of high quality. There are always new comics coming in fast and there will always be something.

9Hentai's vast collection is organized well. The tag system allows users browse the content by big breasts and lesbians, blowjobs and bodysuits, breast expansion and cockslapping, as well as other categories. A huge collection of parodies, such as One Punch Man and Angel Beats, is also available for visitors. Each one has a lot of doujins. Is it the best hentai viewing environment? This is what only a deep dive will reveal.

9Hentai's numbers

9Hentai, a relatively new player in the hentai marketplace, was created in July 2017. The site has enjoyed steady growth in popularity over the past few years. It now attracts 5,776 unique visitors per day and 29458 page views per visitor (5.10 per visit). ranks number 129 084 on Alexa Traffic Rank. The site is visited by around 0.00041% global Internet users for fap material. It is estimated that the site is worth $29,718.77. The potential revenue from advertising revenues could bring in $69.49 per day. The majority of page views to the site come from the United States and Australia.

Faptastic, clean layout

It has a beautiful design, with a dark gray background. The red accents everything else. It's refreshing and visually appealing, and it largely avoids annoying popups and ads. There is still advertising but it is kept to a minimum and is not as intrusive than other similar sites. There are only a few banner ads that users can ignore.

Visitors to this website will be first to see a gallery featuring the latest toon pussies. Each comic cover shows the title and author. The user can expect work from many different artists, each with their own style.

You can browse the site's content by date, popularity, most liked, Most viewed, Most Fapped (a most favourited ranking), and even by title. You can also jump to other pages in the main gallery by clicking on the "Jump Page” button. This is a very cool feature.

You can also access the login/register menu from the left. This menu offers links to register and browse content by tags, parody, characters, random, and artist. You can browse content by character. The site has done an excellent job of tagging all female characters.

The site offers advanced and basic search options. This allows users to perform more specific searches. The site should be very user-friendly.

Exciting parodies

Parody is a great option. You will find all the popular culture characters you've always wanted to see naked. Some stories are directly inspired by the characters in the story. The situations are only altered to appeal to the viewers sexy desires. Some stories are based on the most popular characters from movies and TV shows, where they can be seen in all sorts of sexual situations.

There are hundreds of doujins for every letter of the alphabet, which includes many anime parodies and video game parodies. Ace Attorney, Final Fantasy and Resident Evil are just a few examples. 9Hentai has even doujins with Adolf Hitler's Arian babes getting all raunchy. You can also find popular doujin groups on the site that will help you find more content, since they have the same art style.

There are no hentai videos available yet. But there is hope.

One of the major drawbacks of this site is its lack of video content. Although they do have a video tab you can click on it to go to a page with nothing but a notice that they are working on it. This may disappoint hentai video lovers, but there is still hope that 9Hentai will soon have a large collection of animated content. Users will need to wait and see when the next release date is.

Enjoy some of the most sexy Hentai

Users will enjoy the delicious collection of hentai manga comics. The comics were drawn by Japanese artists. However, they have been easily translated into English. Although the translations may not be perfect, they are better than if they were written in Japanese. The comics are often written in stylized fonts. Users will enjoy reading them.

The storylines are also quite good and offer as much entertainment to the reader as the comics. The plotlines are very impressive and the characters are drawn in a great style. This author saw a lot of comics and found them to be of high quality. Many of these comics are also available in full-color, which is a far cry from the amateur doujin stuff offered on many other sites. Users should be aware that not all comics are professional. The site still has a large collection of amateur doujin material that can still be entertaining. The site has a wide variety of porn comics and you can find hundreds of thousands of them.

Even better, you can download all comics at no additional cost.

Find comics from your favourite categories

This site boasts a huge collection and they have organized it into categories. Although they don't call them categories, the Tags section serves a similar purpose. The variety of content available here will please users. You can find tags for everything from vanilla content such as Big Tits, Solo Females and Cheating to the very kinky stuff like brain fuck and cum in the eye. Some of the content will please those who like their Hentai to have a little bit of extreme.

It has been stated how many comics are included in each Tag. There are 9 pages of tags and there are many more. There is something for everyone in this vast and varied collection. 9Hentai has something for everyone. Although some of the content is quite bizarre, there is no denying that it will have an audience.

9Hentai's good works

Download and read anything for free. That has to be the site’s main selling point. You can read the entire content of this site, which is quite a lot, for free.

There are thousands of comics users staring at an endless supply of hentai-manga comics. Each page contains 3419 pages and is loaded with tons of comics. There are also undoubtedly hundreds of thousands more hentai-manga content.

The site offers a lot of parody content. It also has a great selection of porn parody comics which allow users to see their favorite characters at their most sexy.

Very few ads. This is a great bonus, considering the delicious content that has been made available for free.

Potential concerns

First few clicks will redirect you to porn sites. Visitors who are new to this site will find it frustrating and confusing. It's actually a much smoother experience after that.

There is no hentai content yet, but there is hope that they will soon add videos if they keep their promise. However, videos are not available on the site at the moment.


One idea is to offer the option of playbooks being converted to slideshows. The lack of videos is a problem despite the promise. This must be addressed immediately by the team.


9Hentai is a manga comic website that hentai fans will love, despite the fact that there are no videos. You will find a huge selection of some of the most outrageous and sexiest adult comics in every niche. All comics can be downloaded at no cost. This is undoubtedly one of the best hentai comics websites.

  • Everything is free to download
  • and read.
  • Comics in thousands.
  • There are many parodies.
  • Adverts minimal.
  • Mobile Support
  • With just a few clicks, redirects to
  • porn websites.
  • There is no hentai video content.