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pururin review


Pururin has a catalog of over 30 thousand free Hentai Manga & Doujinshi offers hentai manga reading and doujinshi free of charge. The site's name is derived from Tatsuhito Takamoto's novel Welcome To the N.H.K.. This novel was about the Hikikimori culture of Japan. In Western cultures, it is often called "NEET". The novel was about a character who became obsessed with Pururin, a female character. This site's title is inspired by the character in that novel.

A doujinshi (or doujin) is an amateur form of hentai manga. It can include a cast of original characters, or characters from other anime or shows. Doujinshi manga and hentai are different because hentai manga tends to be published by professionals, while doujins can often be done by amateur artists. This does not mean that doujins are less valid. However, it does mean that doujinshi can be more easily found for free. offers both Western stories and comics as well as a large range of art forms.

Unique Site Design with Minimal Ad Clutter and Organized Parts

Pururin is relatively new in comparison to other doujinshi websites. Although it is noted on the help page that this site was once called something else, This domain was launched at the beginning of 2018, with respectable views and success.

The site has seen a steady increase in traffic to its site over the past two years. It now receives between 3-4 million and 5 million visits per month. Although the traffic isn’t as high as other porn sites, it is still impressive for a site that offers free doujinshi and hentai manga.

This site stands out among the many other hentai-manga sites that use cut and paste designs. Pururin features a dark grey background, with red accents, and clearly marked sections. Large previews of hentai manga run down to the bottom and occupy most of the site's space. These default lists allow you to see the most recent additions to this site. You can filter the front page alphabetically, alphabetically, or by highest-rated.

Register for a free account to download content, earn points, and chat in the forum

The column to the right contains sections for site news and hot forum topics. It also includes doujins. The header contains a small selection of the following options.

Although Pururin accounts are not required, xpornsites strongly recommends that you create one. An account lets you save content to your favorites, upload your own hentai manga or doujinshi, contribute to the forum and earn points. Points are not a currency. It is a way to bragging rights and have lots of points.

It is very active and it is easy to join the forum. There are many threads that cover a wide range of topics. There are many threads for discussing doujinshi and new site features. You can also make requests or simply talk to other users. There is also a Discord server that hosts around 1000 users at any one time. To see a complete list of all comments made to the site, users can click on "comments" under the forum tab.

More than 20 000 tags to choose from

To narrow your search to specific characters, fetishes or artists, the "tags" page will be helpful. There are many unique tags because a lot of content is user-uploaded. As of the review, the site has received approximately 35 thousand uploads.

You can browse more than 21 000 unique tags. The tags page makes it easy to break down that number as much as possible. You can sort through tags alphabetically and exclude any tags that aren't characters/artists/etc. You can view the type of tag as well as how many people have used it and when it was last updated/used.

You will see preview images regardless of the search method you use. These large images often display the cover or first page of the doujinshi. The English and Japanese titles will be listed at the bottom of each preview. This is all you will see initially. However, hovering your cursor over a preview will reveal how many pages it has, who the artist and what the doujinshi parodying (if any) and what the overall rating of the preview out of 5 stars.

You can customize the image viewer with many different user options

The complete content page provides a neat, organized list of thumbnail images for each page of the doujin. Every tag is listed, along with characters and the language they are in. There are also options to bookmark the page or download the manga. You can download content for free but you must create an account before you can access it.

Clicking on preview images will bring them up in a large viewer. This viewer is very useful and you can use the on-screen buttons as well as your arrow keys for flipping between pages. Users can also jump to multiple pages by using the drop-down menu located at the bottom of the viewer. Pururin's unique feature is the ability to toggle between different reading styles. You can choose from a manga reader with double pages, a Western-style graphic novel reader or a single-page reader. The default choice is a one-page reader.

Amazing Mobile Experience

All of the features and options mentioned above are still available on the mobile site. Pururin's mobile site is designed for browsing and reading on the move. Previews are displayed one at a while on the page. They can be viewed without needing to toggle zoom. You can swipe through pages at your own pace without having to zoom in or out.

Favorite Features of Xpornsite

Xpornsites believed that offered a lot of amazing features for its free users. They offer a level of customization and filter options that few other sites can match. It was a nice feature to be able toggle the reading style of the doujin. Xpornsites also liked the overall site theme and layout on every page. Everything was extremely well organized. This site is a must-visit place for hentai manga lovers.

Xpornsite's Tips

Xpornsites doesn't have much to add that would enhance the Pururin experience. With the exception of a few redirects, ads are kept to an absolute minimum. You can download all the content for free. The site's design is excellent. Xpornsites has no major or minor suggestions to

Xpornsite's Last Thoughts has a great site to browse and download free hentai and doujinshi manga. There are over 30 000 full-length manga available to browse, so you will always find something to read. This site is easily one of the most enjoyable to browse doujinshi websites. is a great place to start if you are looking for new hentai mangas or doujinshi. They'll probably have what you need and more. Xpornsites recommends that you have a look at before heading to your next doujinshi fix.

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