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hbrowse review


Hbrowse, a hentai-manga/doujinshi website. It offers a wide selection of English-translated adult mangas and comics, organized in multiple categories to best suit the needs of hentai readers. This site offers free access to some of the best hentai doujinshi and comics. You can download the comics from the site. The site offers a variety of options for downloading the comics as a zip file or PDF. It has minimal design and very few ads. The site's goal is to "redefine the traditional adult web site" by offering a simple interface that only provides visitors with what they are looking for.

Minimalism redefined

HBrowse's homepage is the first thing that visitors will notice immediately upon landing is its simplicity and minimalism. The site's creator clearly wanted to keep it as simple and clean as possible. The site is free of clutter and distracting links. The site's first text is about its emphasis on a simple layout that allows for quick viewing and no intrusions. It is possible to have a minimal website layout in order to maximize viewing performance, according to the team. They could have used a darker background to present their products, which would be more appealing and easier on the eyes than the white background. The site is well-organized and designed.

Just above the introductory remarks, there is a navigation bar with four links: Menu, Browse, About and Forum. The site's mission statement, category definitions and submit material links provide information about the site. There is also a link to report errors. The Browse link allows users to search for content by title and popularity. Artist, title, fetish or groupings can also be searched. (More on this later).

Below the introduction, you can browse the categories that contain the most recent updates. These are in the form of a preview thumbnail, title (in English characters but not always translated) and the categories that were included in the release. HBrowse's homepage ends with a few admin links at the bottom. It's easy to navigate and is very straightforward.

Site stats and traffic report was created in January 2010 and is now just over a decade-old. It has a global rank of #59280 and attracts approximately 30,541 unique visitors. The site also receives 305,410 page views per day (about 10 per visitor). It has a value of $245,520.00 and the potential to make $341.00 per day. The majority of traffic to the site comes from the United States and Germany.

Take a look at the unique category culture of this site

HBrowse is different. While other sites display their content in simple categories, HBrowse does it differently. The site lets users break down content using multiple metrics, as mentioned earlier. You can browse by Genres to find Action, Adventures, Comedy, Dramas, Romance and School Life. Each genre has a brief description. The Psychological genre, for example, is defined as anything that causes a mental or emotional disturbance. This is a nice touch from the team.

The site also allows users to search by Fetish and a long list of fetishes, including Androphobia. It is the fear of men, Gynophobia and Bikini as well as Lingerie, Latex. To go with the descriptions, the number of entries for each fetish was also included. The Lingerie fetish has 626 entries. Users will find more that match their fetishes no matter how careful they are.

Each option under the Browse tab provides a similar approach for categorizing. This is both extremely precise and very convenient. You can even browse by position. This will allow you to find options such as 69, spooning cowgirl, cowgirl, leg glider and victory. It would take you a full day to explore all the options.

It would be a great place to begin. There are many depraved stories that have historical contexts. You can find content for every era, from feudal Japan to high seas pirates. It takes just a few mouse-clicks to find comics that are based on medieval times, where the main character of the comic is a prison guard.

Advanced search with Faptastic

The site also features advanced filtering, which allows users to exclude undesirable categories such as rape or bestiality and include their favorite categories. You can combine and match different categories to get a hentai manga/doujinshi list that suits your tastes. You can choose from a variety of genres and settings, including fetish, role or relationship. Each category has its own set of options that you can use. HBrowse will likely have materials that suit your preferences, regardless of what they are. There are many options.

Unlimitless supply of hentai

It's time to get some hentai on HBrowse. Users can look forward to thousands of uploads from many artists. Users can also easily choose the artist with their preferred style. All comics are original works by Japanese artists. They have been conveniently translated by manga porn lovers who share their translations for the benefit of the community. This translation is ideal for hentai fans who don't know Japanese.

The comics can be used to cover almost any niche, as mentioned previously. The layout is perfect and the content presentation is excellent. Site promises minimalalism, and it has delivered on both design and content presentation. The comics come with category information and other details such as origin, length, and artist. You can also download the comics as a zip file or PDF from the site, but this is only available to users who have purchased them through a third-party. Although there is no slideshow, the previous/next page format will help users navigate the pages.

The site also has a very active forum. Over 47,047 members have posted in 1,894 topics. There seems to be a strong sense community at HBrowse. There are many topics that can be discussed on HBrowse, including video, manga and game uploads. Users will still see ads. However, these ads are rare and not distracting. It's a wonderful experience.

Things to love in HBrowse

The site's design is simple and easy to navigate. Everything is clean and clear.

Great categorization. The content is well categorized and advanced search allows users the ability to navigate between genres to best suit their needs.

The content is organized well , so you can have a seamless browsing experience.

Potential concerns

Censored Content. This is a common problem with Japanese porn.

There are no slideshows. Users who want to view the content through slideshows will be disappointed.


The site is generally good. However, it could be better if the team offered an option to navigate the site in a darker mode. A slideshow could also be useful for comics.


HBrowse, all things considered, is a fantastic hentai website. The site is minimalistic and presents thousands of comics in a clean, simple layout that's free of clutter and complications. Users can sort through the comics with ease. This site is a great example of how to organize, design and browse.

  • Design that is refreshingly minimalist.
  • Excellent categorization.
  • A well-organized organization.
  • Mobile Support
  • Content that is subject to censorship.
  • Slideshows are not allowed.