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JAVHD review



JAV HD is a Japanese professional porn site. It quickly rose to be one of the best and most awarded sites in its category almost immediately after it was founded in 2011. This long-standing existence has seen it grow through constant uploads. It currently hosts a huge collection of more than twenty-five hundred videos and over one hundred thousand photos featuring nearly a thousand models. Nearly all of the catalog is available in HD. The newest videos are especially impressive and almost life-like in resolution.

JAV HD averages nearly half an hour in length. However, some videos can be as short as fifteen minutes and others as long as one hour. Although the women are primarily Japanese, their male counterparts can sometimes be found in Western countries. Every day new videos are uploaded. Scenes range from single masturbation to vanilla sex to a slightly sexier Japanese video that borders on fetish porn.

It's easy to find what you are looking for

JAV HD's catalogue is extremely well-organized and simple to use. The home page will present a very standard layout. The first section shows the most popular videos. This tends to include a mix of older and newer clips. You'll also find a group live cam girls just below. This can be distracting but can be ignored as you won't have the opportunity to interact with them without spending more money. The Newest videos section is next. This area on many porn sites is best ignored. However, the videos on JAV HD have such high quality that you will be able to find top-quality content even with this selection.

There are many other ways to navigate JAV HD's catalogue if none of these scenes grab your attention. You will find a more detailed list of videos on the site under the Videos tab. You can sort the scenes by rating and view count. Each setting also allows you to filter the sorting process over a specific time period. You can filter JAV HD's collections to show only subtitled videos if you want to follow along with the dialogue.

These are just a few of the navigation options available to you. The Categories tab strikes a balance between having too many categories to be useful and not enough information to adequately describe the content. The main page has forty sections that describe the main subgenres or niches on JAV HD. Each section can be sorted with the same tools as the main page. These tags are not listed anywhere on the site. Instead, they can be found on each video's pages or used as search terms.

JAV HD also offers a complete listing of all women who appear on the site. This can be found under the models tab at top of the page. You can search through this list or sort it by rating or view count. Clicking on any model will bring you to a page that provides links to all scenes on the site. It also includes a short bio about your chosen girl.

Clicking on the video will take you to a similar full-featured playback site. You can adjust the resolution and playback speed of the video by clicking the gear icon. You can also like, dislike or favorite the video to help improve the site’s recommendations algorithm. You can also view their photo gallery, which is available with most videos. If you wish, you can also download the scene.

You can also find a complete list and tags for each scene on the video page, as well as a cast list, which will allow you to quickly and easily return to the site's catalogue after you're finished with the scene.

A list of suggested videos is located at the bottom of the playback pages. These suggest videos use the extensive tags, categories and titles as well as descriptions to show related content. Once you have used the site, your ratings will also be displayed. You can also adjust the suggestions to only show popular videos or recent videos.

The JAV HD Network

These features are available on all JAV HD related sites. Each of them will be accessible with every non-trial member. Apart from the fact that they all focus on Asian women and offer a wide range of content, the quality is also unmatched. You'll find seventeen sites that cover almost every type of Asian porn, including AV Anal and AV Tits.

A page with deep discounts is also available to members of JAV HD. Although it's not easy to find, you will find a rotating list with discounts as low as 90% on a number of third-party porn sites. With the sheer amount of JAV HD's collections, it might seem difficult to justify another membership. However, the fact that you can do so at a lower rate is a bonus.

From Expensive to Reasonable

JAVHD's pricing structure may not be the most affordable, but it is fair considering the sheer amount of content on the site. It's not the most affordable site, but it's easy to overlook the quality of the site. It's actually quite affordable. The trial costs only one dollar and allows you access to the site for three days. This is far more than many trials. The downside is that the trial renewal rate is just under fifty dollars per monthly.

On the other hand, the month-to-month membership costs forty dollars per month and can be cancelled at any time. The prices fall quickly from there, however. While three months of membership will set you back about thirty dollars per month, that is still quite high, a full year of JAV HD access will only set you back a little over one hundred fifty dollars for the whole term. The monthly cost is equivalent to thirteen dollars. This is a fair price considering the quality of the site.

JAVHD allows you pay with a variety of credit cards, but it does not accept PayPal, cryptocurrency or gift cards. The site does use a non-obviously-pornographic billing pseudonym. You can also sign up for a trial membership to another site while you wait. But be aware that these are automatically checked and easy overlooked. Although the initial trial is affordable at less than twenty-five cents per daily, each will automatically renew at almost one hundred dollars per month. Make sure to check the expiration dates if your trial ends.

All JAVHD memberships include extensive and flexible downloading capabilities. Every video can be downloaded in a variety resolutions. This includes a high-definition HD version, as well as a lower quality compressed download that is suitable for smaller storage devices and phones. Many videos include a photo gallery of stills from each scene. These can be downloaded separately or in a file.

What more can you say?

JAV HD has very few faults. The site has been around for quite some time, and it has provided steady uploads throughout its existence. As such, the site now boasts a huge catalog of high-quality videos that is sure to please any viewer. Its navigational tools allow you to easily search the entire catalog. The site covers almost every niche of Japanese porn.

If were to complain about JAV HD it would be that short-term memberships are too expensive. They're still a good deal, and they're slightly more than the average.

JAV HD is a great site. It does everything right. The site is recommended by if you are even remotely interested in Japanese Adult Videos.

  • Near-perfect website design.
  • Photosets and videos of high quality.
  • A vast network of JAV sites related to
  • each other.
  • Downloads included.
  • Mobile Support
  • If you don't sign-up for the whole year,
  • it will be a steep price