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asian sex diary review

Asian Sex Diary

Asian Sex Diary

Many English-language versions of porn sites from Southeast Asia are often based on the notion that Jav smut is exotic and special. Although the content is usually of decent quality, it doesn't often feature anything unique or attractive.

There is, however, at least one exception for every disappointing trend. Asian Sex Diary is a great example when it comes to jav porn.

Where the Diaries All Beginned...

The name Asian Sex Diary is not just a random title. It features a unique format for fap content we have never seen elsewhere. This website is more than just a collection of videos and pictures. It's a platform that promotes and publishes the sexual adventures of John Tron.

According to his About Me, after a divorce from his wife, Tron left the west world to follow his dream of fornicating with as many East Asian women as possible.

Tron fell in love with Philippine culture after a series conquests. He began sending videos of his sexual escapades through the porn site Trike Patrol. Tron started Filipina Sex Diary, his first flesh website, after he received some feedback.

Tron changed the site's format as the website grew. This made it appear more like a POV site than a series vlogs. The platform was rebranded Asian Sex Diaries in 2012

Although the original focus of this site was Jav women, Tron began to travel around Africa, India and China documenting his sexual adventures.

Web Design Exceeds Industry Standards

This platform's design and aesthetics are the most striking. Although only a few colors were used, the greyish-white background with some off-black and bits of red accents looks fantastic. The website's logo has a unique icon and a bit of traditional Asian flair.

The video preview pages and homepage feature standard screenshots, along with GIFs and Snapchat-inspired promotional text. This adds a new dimension to the experience. There are also some promotional images that combine photos of the model in various poses, often with fun emojis.

Each preview link contains the model's name and age as well as the country from which they came. Each model's name links to her profile page. This lists all her videos and lists any other models from the same country.

The Unique Way The Videos Are Presented is Unusual

ASD's content is released in a way that is radically different from other sites, as we mentioned earlier. There are two types of travel videos: the diary and the second is the video. This section serves two purposes: it is a teaser of new releases and also provides a torrent of trailers to potential new members. It only offers previews of video and photos from new photo galleries.

You will find the actual videos as well as photos in the Conquest section. Although each uploads page may seem a little small relative to the rest, it includes the view count and category tags along with a gallery of photos and a description. A list of related videos is posted at the bottom of each page, just like other tube and studio sites. There are not many social features.

There are over 400 photos and videos featuring women.

The models presented come from all over Southeast Asia and the world

John Tron travels around the globe, so scenes featuring women from India and Africa are also featured. Although their body types vary from small to large, they all have an amateurish, girl-next door look.

Although the categories listed are fairly common,

The tags that are used are one of the most mundane aspects of this website. Although this is not a problem, these categories are similar to what you will find on websites such as Big Asses, Threesomes and Anal. There are a few that are truly unique, like Petite, Top Conquests and LBFM - which is little brown fucking machine.

The Extras are Particularly Interesting

Although not as often updated, the Extra section has a fairly extensive blog. These articles cover the latest developments in the industry as well as reviews of Asian porn movies and opinions on sexuality. There are also reviews of cameras and sex toys as well as other types of technology.

Although the quality of articles can vary, we found some blogs that were more obscure to be quite interesting to read.

You can also sign up for an email newsletter to stay informed about developments in ASD.

Surprisingly, they are very active on social media

ASD's social media pages offer previews and bonuses in addition to email updates. You can access exclusive photos and video clips via Instagram and Twitter, which will show you what's coming to the main site.

ASD maintains a presence on Facebook despite its stance against smut. They post photos of young girls and tamer images. The ASD Facebook page acts as an informal forum for those who like social features and has some decent community engagement.

Amazingly, even though Tumblr has changed its mind about allowing erotic materials, ASD still has a page here that (so far), has not been removed.

Some of the Onsite Translations are a bit sketchy

Although the descriptions for the uploads of video can be understood, they can read as funny as some of the blog entries. They don't look like posts in Tagalog, Burmese or Google Translate. Instead, it looks like someone with a very wacky writing style and doesn't understand proper formatting.

It can be quite expensive to join a membership

Websites of this quality tend to have a price point around $20-25 per month. However, a 30-day subscription on this platform costs $39.99. You can save money by signing up for a longer subscription. You can sign up for 3 months for $89.95 or for a year for $179.95. This averages out to $29.95 each thirty days and $14.95 for the next 30.

You may also find holiday specials that don't save you as much as an annual membership but that you still pay a reduced monthly price. You can pay anonymously with over 100 gift cards.

The Mobile Version has been Optimized Well

When evaluating a website, one of our primary criteria is its appearance on different browsers or devices. ASD looked just as good on tablets, smartphones, and other handheld devices than it did on desktop computers. The former version actually looks better, as the search bar does not always load correctly. Plus, thumbnail previews always load on mobile devices.

The Best Element Of Asian Sex Diary Are...

Most major studios use a common strategy to encourage potential subscribers to sign up. They provide short previews, which may only be three to four times per 24-hour period. ASD, however, offers tons of previews for free all over the website. These are not teasers. However, we believe that they give viewers a glimpse of the site and will be very popular.

The actual content is also interesting to a broad range of users, if not only because of the diversity of women's bodies, breast sizes and ethnicities. Many of these women are more "normal-looking" than they appear.

Although they could have been written better, the blog uploads on the Extra page are a welcome addition. They cover a wide range of appropriate kinky content.

The Worst Element of Asian Sex Diary?

The idea of being a highly masculine stud traveling the world and having sex with beautiful women is certainly a great one. It is also unique in that it is presented in the form of a visual diary or video logs. This could lead to a lot more imaginative thinking.

As we mentioned earlier, there are a few of these things that can be realized here. But the core flaw of the concept is John Tron, the character.

Tron's attempts to be edgy could even come across as sexist, borderline racist. We also understand that some users may be interested in the idea of sexual "conquest", but we find this idea juvenile and lowbrow. It is a waste of the website's potential.

Tron isn't really abusive but he does come across as a bit of an idiot and undeservedly arrogant. This is especially true considering his poor health and reluctance to appear on camera.

It is also strange that Tron, a character who claims he is from the English-speaking west, does not have a solid grasp of the language's syntax or spelling. Strangely, he or they don't seem to understand some subtleties and quirks English. Nor do they know how to incorporate them in a humorous article or post.

Finally, although it isn't a major problem, it is odd that models from Asian countries are listed but not those from Africa or Europe.

These are the things that could be improved

We believe there should be more than a category page and search engine to locate content with so much material being uploaded and archived. Both work fine. However, with thousands of videos and a lot more photos, we think there should be more sophisticated filter options to reduce search results.

Blog posts need to be polished in both construction and editing. This is especially important since the topics covered work well on a site like this.

We are not fans of John Tron, but we understand that he is a key selling point of the website. We find John Tron so irritating and would like to add humor to the videos. We would also like him to upload fewer videos per week but increase the quality and imagination of each video.

Do you need to invest some cash in order to have complete access?

While some of our readers may enjoy the fact this site is crude and crass, others will find it just as offensive as we did. You should try ASD to find out your own taste.

Tron deserves credit for creating a unique website for porn. However, the inconsistent execution and weak character mean that we will only give Asian Sex Diaries three of five.

  • There are thousands of photos and videos
  • available to choose from, thanks to years
  • of content archives.
  • Every day, new movies are added with
  • complete picture galleries.
  • There are models from India, China and
  • Africa, in addition to the women of
  • Southeast Asia.
  • Its distinctive design and solid layout
  • look great on both desktop and
  • mobile devices.
  • Mobile Support
  • While some may like it, we hate the
  • crassness of ASD's John Tron character.
  • Some uploads are not imaginative and
  • feature the same formulaic acts of sex.
  • We think this site is way too expensive,
  • despite the many features.
  • Blogs and product descriptions should
  • be improved.