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Zenra review



Zenra, a premium Japanese porn website, offers subtitles for every movie. Although it was established in 2002 as a porn website, the site has been changing many times throughout the years. It refocused its attention on this niche in 2013 with its new reformulation.

Zenra is different from other websites that host Japanese adult videos. Each scene comes with professionally translated subtitles. Before Zenra existed, not being able to understand the dialog of Japanese porn was just something that non-Japanese-speaking viewers had to expect and accept. Zenra now has over a thousand full-length subtitled movies. This makes Zenra a relative newcomer to the genre.

Zen Moments

Zenra's default view allows you to browse through Zenra with an incredibly simple interface. It gives you a brief teaser of each scene and provides a lot more information. You'll see large pieces of movie box art at the center of every page. However, you will also find a translation title, some tags and a release date for each scene. Unfortunately, scrolling through the thumbnails won't give you any preview. However, each video comes with a brief trailer.

Zenra's video library is excellent, but not particularly large. Scrolling through it chronologically is easier than on other porn sites. They also have many options for those who are looking for something specific.

Although the list isn't huge, it is extremely useful because it was tailored to describe Japanese adult videos and not just a general list of porn categories. Instead of ebony and Latina being empty categories, niches that are specific to Japanese porn will be found, such as schoolgirl or onsen porn.

Zenra has an excellent page that allows you to filter through porn by studio. This feature is very useful as the style and quality of Japanese porn differs between studios more than it does between major western studios. It is common for Japanese adult video enthusiasts to find porn they like or hate from particular studios. This makes it even more valuable than browsing the entire catalog on other sites.

Zenra also archives the top-ranked movies for each month over the past year. The most recent month can be used as a starting point to see the top-ranked movies from the last year. While looking back at previous months is a great way for you to discover those videos that have been missed due to Zenra's hectic upload schedule, it's easy to look at the past months to find the ones that were still loved.

You can also choose a random video from our catalog to complete your selections. Although this is not the best way to use Zenra, it works much better than most premium sites. Zenra has put a lot of effort into choosing which videos will be featured on the site. If you don't want to spend too much time searching for a scene, or if luck is your friend, this feature may be worth it.

The playback page gives you additional options once you have found the video. Although the player is not as advanced as some other features like playback speed and video quality control, the supporting information attached each video makes up for it. You have the basics: related videos, a list tags, thumbnails, which act as previews of the scene and a link to the video. Zenra is unique in that it provides detailed reviews of each scene. Zenra is more than just a few lines of information that can be easily scanned over on most other porn sites. It prides itself in its detailed descriptions of each scene.

Zenra has both uncensored and mosaic-censored videos. This makes up a large part of Japanese porn. The site has a pretty even split between both styles. However, Zenra allows you to avoid the censored videos by simply tagging each uncensored one.

Despite the fact that the catalog isn’t huge due to the time and effort involved in subtitling each video it is growing very quickly. Visitors to the site can enjoy the back catalog and a steady stream of new content almost every week.

Zenra is free from any advertisements. Zenra is completely free of advertisements. Both the desktop and mobile sites have the same features, and both work perfectly.

Only pay for the features you need

Zenra has two subscription options. These options offer flexibility that other sites should emulate. For thirty dollars per month, the cheapest month-to month option lets you stream the catalog starting in 2015. You can enjoy the catalog for as long as you like without any commitments beyond the current month.

Another option is the download-and-streaming plan. This allows you to stream the same movies but also download up 10 gigabytes per daily from any movies not licensed to Zenra. The majority of the content, except for the subtitles, isn't exclusive to Zenra. This plan allows you to download all of the movies on Zenra. Monthly plans with download privileges start at around forty dollars per month. This drops to around thirty if you sign up for three months. All plans can be cancelled quickly and easily prior to renewal.

Members who have been on a minimum of three months on a month-tomonth download plan or are on a ninety-day download plan are not allowed to download these videos. These videos don't account for enough of the catalog to be of concern to most members.

Zenra memberships do not offer a short-term trial. This is normally a negative. However, Zenra takes a different approach to address what could otherwise be a problem. Zenra provides a rotating clip of their catalog every day. It averages around five minutes in length and is available for unlimited viewing. To help you quickly and easily see what's in each video, Zenra allows you to view short trailers (between one and two minutes) of hundreds of videos. These allow you to browse the catalog and, most importantly, to get a feel of the quality of the subtitles. All this is completely free of charge and without the need to sign up for Zenra or pay for a trial.

A Unique Niche

Zenra accomplished what it set out for admirably. Zenra is worth considering because of the subtitles, which are site's main focus. They are very well written and add a lot of value to the videos. Zenra shines in all areas of porn sites: the videos are excellent and the site is well-designed.

The site is not perfect, however. Although the catalog could be larger, it should improve over time. The main problem with Zenra's membership is its high price. Zenra's monthly membership cost is around average, and many premium porn sites offer discounts up to fifty-seven percent over the long-term. Zenra offers only smaller savings.

Zenra's work is unique and very well done. Zenra is not for you if you don't like Japanese adult videos or you aren't interested in subtitles. But if Zenra is something you love and you want to learn more about Japanese JAV videos, Zenra should be your first choice.

  • Unique niche in subtitled porn
  • Rapid upload schedule
  • Mobile Support
  • There are no long-term savings available