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R18 review



R18 is a premium site selling premium porn. It primarily offers streaming and a-la carte downloads of Japanese adult video, but also has a selection of highly-rated and expensive all-inclusive subscriptions. Although the site was originally founded as a Japanese porn distributor in 1999, it has grown to be a major player in selling Japanese adult video content to the west in recent years.

Too good to be true?

R18's layout is perfect. It is difficult to imagine any improvements in its navigation or presentation. You are immediately welcomed to the site by a helpful display of content organized chronologically. There are many options available, each offering a quick and efficient way to reach the scene you want. You can filter by popularity and price and then scroll through the films to view trailers and read cast lists.

These are just a few of the many options available on R18. The Categories tab will allow you to dive into niches and subgenres. This section helps you quickly locate a specific subgenre by grouping them into broad themes or subcategories. It also doesn't overwhelm you with too many options or offer too many almost-empty categories.

Similar functionality is available in the Series tab. You can also sort movies alphabetically, by release date or popularity. Click to follow a series to be able to view new episodes as they become available.

The Studios tab could be your home base if you have a particular Japanese porn producer. This page, like the series and categories tabs, allows you to sort and navigate through releases by studio. It also gives you the ability to browse the R18 catalog almost any way that you want. The Actresses tab completes the list, providing another way to sort through R18's vast amount of content.

These options can all be combined using R18's advanced searching function. The text search will not only scan each video's description, cast listing, tags, categories, tags and title, but it also allows you to combine any of these metadata to quickly filter through the entire catalog. You can quickly narrow down the vast catalog of videos on the site to find exactly what you are looking for in just a few mouse clicks. This is a great feature for any porn site. But it's essential for sites with as many content as R18.

R18 is not subject to any criticisms. The porn is made for Japan, so it might not be suitable for Western tastes. Many videos have been censored and all the dialogue is in Japanese. You can find some scenes that are not censored on Japanese Adult Video by searching. However, if you need dialog to enjoy porn, then you will be completely out of luck (unless your Japanese is fluent).

R18 has very few ads. Only a few ads are allowed on R18. These ads may be of interest to you, such as discounts on R18 videos and cheap memberships for third-party porn sites. This is not as bad as it seems. The ads are not annoying pop-unders or pop-ups, but small banners and sidebar ads. Although R18 isn't ad-free it shouldn't discourage anyone from using it.

But there's a catch

R18's biggest problem is not the minor ones. R18's average visitor will not subscribe to its content, as they would with other sites. Instead, they will rent or buy individual videos a la carte. These scenes come at a range of prices. Some are as inexpensive as a $1, while others are more expensive than $100. The vast majority are priced between. They cost an average of ten dollars each. These scenes are professional productions of high quality with an average run time of one hour. However, they still have a higher price than many porn sites.

R18 lets you stream a video to your computer, mobile phone or Roku TV. You can also download the scene. You can rent streaming privileges for individual videos for a week at half the price of purchasing the video.

The sale section may be the best option if you don't have much money but still love what R18 has on offer. Although there are fewer options than the entire catalog, the sales changes frequently so you can have as many chances as possible to find what you want.

R18 offers many other subscription services, which they call channels. There are currently seventeen options. Each channel has a different set of videos. Some channels are designed to show all content from a particular producer (such the Prestige channel and the Soft on Demand channel), while other channels focus on subgenres Japanese adult video (such the Amateur Girls channel and the mature women channel). These channels don't come cheap. The a-la carte pricing is quite expensive. The cheapest channel costs around twenty dollars per month. While the more expensive ones cost fifty dollars per monthly. Each channel comes with a free two-day trial that costs only one dollar. This means that you don't have to take any financial risks when trying these premium products.

R18 offers the All Channel Pass for a VIP experience. This is possibly the most expensive and comprehensive subscription in porn. The All Channel Pass grants access to all videos across the 17 channels of R18. This includes over 25 million Japanese full-length adult videos. The premium All Channell Pass comes at a steep price. It costs eighty-plus dollars per monthly. You can also get a two-day free trial of this all-inclusive subscription service. This is a great way to test it before you commit to the expensive deal.

Excellent But Expensive

R18 not only has great Japanese videos on an amazing site, but it also knows it. This perfection comes at a high cost. R18 would cost more than most porn sites, but it still commands respect and consideration, despite its high price.

R18 can be triple the price of most porn sites' most expensive plans, and even ten times their annual rates. Although the cost of R18 can be lower with one of their cheaper subscriptions, or by renting scenes a la carte, this greatly reduces the content you have access too.

R18's porn quality would not be comparable to its price. It would be absurd to charge upwards of fifty-eighty dollars per month for it. R18 is able to make such a high-priced product seem affordable, which is shocking. The price of Japanese adult video is too steep for most people. The site is worth a look if you are a fan of this subgenre. recommends it as the best Japanese porn site and one of the top porn sites.

  • Hot, well-produced Japanese porn
  • Search function, filters, and categories that are powerful
  • There are a lot of subscription plans
  • Trial memberships at an affordable price
  • Mobile Support
  • No matter how much you use the site, it is expensive