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tuktukpatrol review



Tuk Tuk Patrol, a premium Asian porn website featuring real amateur porn stars from Thailand, is called Tuk Tuk Patrol. Since 2012, the site has uploaded more than one hundred and twenty-five videos. Although this may seem like a lot, the quality and length of the videos, along with the huge photo collection, make up for the seemingly insignificant amount of content.

Tuk Tuk Patrol is updated with new content quite often. However, uploads don’t follow a regular schedule. However, it is rare for more than a few days to pass without uploading a new video. Even if you have exhausted the years of videos on the site, you don't need to wait too long to get a refresh.

Zen Moments

Tuk Tuk Patrol's presentations are more focused on women than the videos. Sign in to the site and you will first be shown a gallery that showcases each video's subject. You can click on any girl to be taken to that video or you can go to the Our Girls tab at top to see all the videos each girl has been in. The videos are simple and appealing. A male star finds a girl, introduces himself and convinces her to come back to his place for some sex. This is followed by the main event, which all porn sites love to boast about.

There are other options if none of these suit your needs. You can also find a Top Rated section, which lists the top-rated videos by Tuk Tuk Patrol. There is also an effective search function that uses the title, description, and tags of each video to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

The site also has a list that allows you to change things up. The gallery of stars may not be enough to get you to the information you are looking for, so you can browse the catalog by their physical descriptions.

These navigational features are supposed to work in theory but they don't always work in practice. The implementation was not perfect. In many cases, you can only browse the catalog through the chronological listing. Even if you are familiar with the search terms and categories that should be used to locate the scene you want, it is often difficult to navigate the site. The site is not attractive, making matters worse. Tuk Tuk Patrol is not too old but it seems that its design inspirations are porn sites from the 1990s.

All advertisements are removed from the site, whether you access it via a computer or a mobile device. The site works perfectly from a cellphone too. This allows you to pick your device based more on the form factor than on which parts of Tuk Tuk Patrol it is you want to use.

Tuk Tuk Patrol's most recent videos are available in 1080p HD. While some older content may not be in 1080p HD, it is still viewable. The video quality is excellent and does not hinder your enjoyment. Both technically and artistically, the photosets are excellent.

Only pay for the features you need

Tuk Tuk Patrol offers only two membership options. The first plan is a monthly plan that costs thirty dollars per thirty days and can be cancelled at any time. Although a trial option is welcome, this is the only way you can access Tuk Tuk Patrol for a limited time. Although the monthly membership cost is about average, it can sometimes be reduced by half around major holidays. If you are still unsure, it may be worth checking back until you find a better deal.

If a month at half the price is too risky for you, you can navigate to the About Us page. Here you will find a brief trailer that gives you a glimpse of what the site has to offer. Although it might not be much, it shows a sample of the quality and type of videos Tuk Tuk Patrol memberships will allow you to view. If you are still not convinced, give Tuk Tuk Patrol an email address at bottom of page and they will send you a link for a full-length video. If you are still unsure, it's best to sign up for a full-month.

After you have tried Tuk Tuk Patrol, and you feel that you like it, or you are so intrigued by the idea that you want to dive in immediately, you can upgrade to a full-year membership. It's an amazing value, as it costs only one-hundred twenty dollars. That works out to about ten bucks per month. This is a fairly standard price for a premium porn membership. However, when you consider the high quality videos on Tuk Tuk Patrol the value is very high.

Similar restrictions exist when it comes time to pay. The most popular method for paying porn--credit cards payments is surprisingly absent. You won't be allowed to join Tuk Tuk Patrol if you don't have your Visa, Mastercard or other credit card information. You have two options: PayPal or exchanging a gift certificate for membership. This will always result in a lower exchange rate than the actual value.

This does not make the site unaccessible. However, it may be difficult for some. Both cases will have the billing name not show up as Tuk Tuk Patrol. Instead, it will be displayed through a third-party billing service. The plus side is that you can download unlimited amounts of Tuk Tuk Patrol videos regardless of your membership.

It's great if you love the concept, but otherwise...

Tuk Tuk Patrol is very good at a lot of things. The videos are very long, well-filmed and have hot sex scenes. Few sites attempt to create the same style of porn as Tuk Tuk Patrol, and even less do it.

Despite this, the site design is not great. It's not only ugly but also doesn't work as well as it should. Although this is not a major issue because Tuk Tuk Patrol has a small library, it is a problem. It's growing but videos are not uploaded as frequently as on other porn sites.

Tuk Tuk Patrol's decision on whether or not you should join depends on your interest in the particular niche of porn the site covers. Although the site is excellent, it's not enough to satisfy every taste. If you like the idea of porn that features a white man on vacation in Thailand, where he seduces local women, then the site's content, design and price will easily satisfy your needs. The porn won't be able to overcome your indifference if you aren't a fan of the premise.

  • Unique premium amateur Thai porn.
  • Unlimited downloads.
  • Mobile Support
  • There is no trial period.
  • Ugly site design.
  • Navigation options are less than
  • the sum total of each site's parts.