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Findtubes review



Tube sites were created to allow amateurs to upload and share their content free of charge. These websites also allowed users to upload clips from established studios as well as upstart sites.

There was also the issue of pirated content being spread across these platforms. As the 21st century advanced, so did the number of pirated content. Porn tubes are easy to make, especially when you consider the basic design and source code.

Although the main tube sites made it easy for amateur and professional porn to be found, there were still many platforms that one needed to look on a regular basis to find the best.

Some tube manufacturers also developed comprehensive search tools that make it easy to find the best erotic material in all their tubes. Find Tubes is one such platform. It has pulled up more than 42 million results from all kinds of tubes on the internet.

This is one of our favorite sex search engines, so keep reading to learn why.

This site has been continuously updated over time

The Find Tube URL was registered in 2007 and has been associated to a site which has changed a bit over the years. This site was initially registered with most of the same features as it is today, but it had a different look.

Find Tube was a comprehensive search engine with many filter tools at the end of the aughts. It also had links from the Free Porn Directory and Top Searches. This look seemed a little too much for us, but we are happy that it has changed.

Although the upgrades took a while to arrive, people's search terms changed and so did what should be up on this platform. Find Tubes finally got a number of updates at the end 2017 that, although initially awkward, made it look more modern.

When it comes to design, there is no fluff

Many free-to-see sites have too many ads, poorly designed search tools, and half-done perks. Find Tubes, however, is a great site because they adhere to the basic principles of web design.

The background of most search engines and tubes is white. Most text is dark gray. However, there are characters and elements that are orange or pink. The main page has a list with trending tags. These indicate how many hits you will get if one is clicked on.

For an indication of how many there are, the most popular ones can be found in the millions.

The top-left corner has a menu that will connect you to different videos, while the top-right corner contains even more search options. Although the default setting is for straight porn you can also augment your searches to include gay, straight, and trans porn.

This advanced search engine, while we are primarily focused on the tube, is part of a larger network that includes more than a dozen actual tubes. We've already reviewed several of these, including TubeGalore and TubeMales and HD Porzo.

This series of tubes will help you find a variety of vanilla, trans and gay porn. These tubes may not be in all search results, but they are worth looking into.

There are a limited number of filter tools that work, but they are effective.

This platform has millions of porn videos connected, so even if you only get relevant results, there will still be a lot of material to sort through. There are many ways to further filter your search results.

You can view videos organized by popular, top-rated and recently added via the menu. There are hundreds of categories to choose from. They are very specific. Take a look at the A sections. These include Asian Milk, Asian Models, Asian Moms, Asian Money and Asian Nurse, as well as Asian Orgasm.

You can also adjust your search results to find an exact phrase, exclude certain words from a query, or get a series rough returns based upon a general search. All you have to do to accomplish this is to click the 'i" icon beside the search bar.

Click on the dice icon beside the search engine if you don't know what you are looking for or are unsure of the meaning. You will get hundreds of random results. You can play with this feature several times, or just once. We are certain that you'll be enjoying it quickly.

Summarising the Website Experience on Different Devices

We are often surprised at the differences in design quality between the desktop and mobile versions of websites. We have been disappointed many times by what we see. However, there have been occasions when we were happy with what the designers made or modified.

This site looks great across all platforms, thanks to the good news that everything is compatible.

This site can be accessed on any device, whether it is a laptop, tablet, smartphone, laptop or desktop computer.

No shame in finding your fetish

This website is programmed extremely well and will give you the best results from any tube. We are sorry to say that some people are reluctant to enter search terms into the internet, even though they are very sexually stimulating.

There are hundreds of search terms you can look through in the category section of the site if that is you. This section of the site is constantly expanding in order to include new search terms.

These search terms may not be the first thing you think of when searching for porn. But you should still look at this section. This is an area that you'll want to visit.

There are tons of DP videos, swallowing compilations, tons and tons of DP videos. You can also find movies that involve riding crop whipping, among other types, as well as erotic ebony massaging.

It's hard to say no to free access.

We think this site is a bit too simplified

Find Tubes is one of our favorite porn search sites. It connects you to millions of videos on hundreds of different platforms. This alone makes it an excellent site.

We would love to see more options for instant search results when searching for fap-worthy material.

We would add to the existing filter options a search engine tool that is more specific than sites like PornHub. We would add search options that include criteria such as the model's age and physical measurements. Additionally, we would include keywords that may stick out in their bio.

Are You Also Considering This Your Next Tube Filtering Tool?

Overall, we found this site to be not the most problematic porn search platform. This isn't a glowing review but it shouldn't be used to dismiss the site.

We have concluded that this website is among the best of its kind, even though the search options could be better. This website still has a great design and decent search options, earning it a rating of 4 out of 5.

Are we sure that this is the right website to search for your next series? If you're willing to search through thousands of results, then yes. Have fun with your search and let us know what you think.

  • There are literally millions upon millions
  • of search results available to choose from
  • The website's design makes it easy
  • to navigate around.
  • Although the filters are basic, we believe
  • they are sufficient to locate what you want.
  • Mobile Support
  • They are excellent, but the search
  • options could be expanded.
  • Expect to be connected via some
  • tube pages to spam-heavy pages.