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PornMD review



Anyone who has ever discovered an interest in internet porn at any stage of life will have used google to search for the right terms. It's okay to do that. However, it can be awkward when someone else uses the computer to search for something. The auto-complete will then tell them all about the different fetishes of the person who was seated at the table for a private happy hour. Professional porn users who have been around for a while know that you don’t need to use big-name search engines in order to find the right kind of pornography. Instead, you can use a pornsearch engine to find it all. This is why you are reading this review.

1st Place Overall is one of the most popular online porn search engines, and it's not just on the xpornsites site. This porn search engine was created in 2005 and covers every niche and every type of porn. It can be compared to a regular internet search engine. Then think about "google" porn. You'll find your way. What is PornMd's main page? Start by typing in the URL to take a look at the homepage

You will find yourself comparing the website with google after you have actually seen it. The homepage is a simple search bar at the top of the page, with the logo of PornMd just above it. You can do a lot with the buttons and switches around the search bar. There are also some options to change the logo. You can hover over the logo to change it to any of the logos from other porn sites that are paired with PornMd. This seems to be an aesthetic choice. You'll still have something to see on the homepage. Even if the logo is changed, the search bar will still be used to find what you entered. There are currently eleven logos on the list at the time this review was written. You can change that to include PornMd's.

The Long White Tool

Next, pay attention to the search bar. There are additional features that will enhance your porn-searching experience. Just to the left of "search" is a small icon that depicts a video-camera and has a tiny triangle with a drop-down. You can use this button to filter your searches among different types of content. You can now separate video and photo content. This is because some people prefer still images to audio when porn watching. Although it's not a big deal, it shows how they took the time to accommodate different tastes when people use their search engine.

Do you think your hands will be unable to do other things? Most people who use these search engines will only be able to use one hand. PornMd considered this when adding the next functionality. This was not the best idea. Although you will still be using your mouse or touchpad to navigate the website, if you click on the microphone symbol button to the right of "search", and you have a microphone connected to your computer, you can speak out loud about your fetish and it will appear in the search bar.

You might be wondering why the search bar is so prominent and how you can use it. That's because it's the main purpose of a porn-search engine. The main focus of the site is how easy it is to find what you are looking for.

Filtering is more important, The Big Three

You can select one of the three circles below the search bar. The default option for Straight is already colored in. However, there are two other options that can be selected: "Gay", and "Trans." All three filters do exactly what you would expect. Although there are many more options, these three are sufficient to direct most viewers to the content they are interested in. For those who are confused by the term "straight circle" it means that only straight porn is allowed. The Gay circle chosen means only gay porn and the same for Trans circle.

The last filter options you will see on's main page are the blue links that you can click. They are located just below the circle filters for gay, straight, and trans. You can click on "Most Popular" to see what other users have chosen as the best. Then there's "Trending," which looks a lot like "Most Popular" for the current week. "Most Popular", on the other hand, is the list of top videos/photos that users have collectively voted the best of all times. You may disagree with this, but trust the majority.

Live Search Stream

You'll be curious as to why the next option was included on this site. Although it's innovative, the site included it to help users feel more connected with each other. It's called "Live Search" and shows you an animated list of search terms people are typing into your search bar. You can see them live. The scrolling list is always growing and each blue search term you see moving is an option to click. If any of these terms catch your attention, you can take advantage of the great idea that another visitor had. You can even see the filter used for the search term by hovering over it. To the left of the search terms, you'll see "Straight", "Gay," and "Trans."

The next one, "Porn Stars," allows you to sort through the large number of porn stars and filter out anything else. Every porn site that is worth its salt must have this basic function. We won't bother with the last two links because you probably know what "Feedback", and "Contact" mean if your have ever visited any other website on internet, porn or not.

Your randomize button is located to the left side of the search bar. Clicking the small blue button will take you to a new place and make it easier for you to decide what you want. Be aware that you might not like the random porn that you see.


PornMd is the best example of what a search engine to find porn should look like. Although we've covered all that you can see on the homepage, there is so much more when you click enter to search for something. You will be amazed at the tools and mechanics on the next page. This makes it a superior porn search engine. This place has everything you need. It is worth a visit.

  • A huge collection of content.
  • Search Tools: A Massive Variety.
  • There is something for almost
  • everyone.
  • Mobile Support
  • Too high quality, won't need to find
  • another porn search engines again.