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namethatporn review



"Where can you find this porno?" "She seems familiar?" "Who is the actress?" "Which studio does this come from?" What's the website?

These are all common questions that we see on the internet, especially on porn sites and forums. We're sure you have wondered where a particular movie came from or who the hotest porn performer was. It is possible to find the answers you need on websites such as TinyEye. However, it can be hard. It can be difficult to find out where a film or image came from because of the amount of information that is available online.

You can get the answers you need by asking another porn lover to help you with your search. Although you may be able to find these people in the comments section of YouTube or on sex-specific message board boards, you will not get any results. There are websites that focus on creating a community and connecting people to unknown or obscure pornos. Name That Porn is one such website, and it's definitely worth checking out.

One domain, many incarnations

Although the domain's history dates back to the first decade of the 21st Century, it appears that this website could be older. This is because the Name That Porn domain was linked to an advertisement landing page in the middle 2011 The website appears to have been reregistered in 2013 with the current version of NTP. It is possible that the site operated under a different name since the domain was already connected and had hundreds of users. There were also thousands of comments and posts. The website also had hundreds of thousands of views.

Whatever the origins of the website, they have been in existence since its creation and provide a platform for people who want to be linked to original videos, picture galleries and GIFs of newly discovered adult entertainment posts.

This Tube's Design is Typical

We thought it was just another tube when we first looked at the site. However, this does not mean that we believe that this site is bad. This is actually a strength of this site. The designers clearly had a great concept, but didn't try to do anything radical with the site's design. A standard white background mixed with some grey provides a contrast to the darker grey elements and pinkish hyperlinked text. You can find all the main filter features on the left side, as well as the homepage.

You will find the most viewed, most frequently answered, and newest questions from top to bottom on that page. Each thumbnail shows the number and age of each post, along with its comments and views. Answered and featured questions are also labeled this way. New posts are often swapped for older ones.

Each post will contain a GIF or video clip, as well as a picture and a question. While most people want to know the name of the studio that made the movie, or the actor who performed it, there are some general questions. Most people get answers in the time it takes. This can vary quite a lot. Most questions receive a reply within a month. However, some might take longer while others may get an answer within hours or minutes.

There are many great search features

At the time of writing this review there were over 890,000.000 posts and slightly more comments. It is possible that a request you have been asking for has already been answered. However, if you click from one page to another, it may be difficult to find it. There are many ways to search for posts more efficiently. Not only do they provide better hits for simple keywords, but also URLs and other onsite tags, the search engine is superior to those on other websites. The engine also has an option to reverse image search.

You can change between showing all posts or only those that were uploaded most recently. You can also adjust the results by media, which allows you to choose between videos, photos, or GIFs. You can filter to view featured posts, threads and posts which are still open or those that have been answered. These tools can be used if you feel your question is not being answered or asked.

There are many pornstars

You can also look at the Pornstars site to locate posts. You will find links to hundreds of starlets in alphabetical order. However, you can order performers by top-rated and new talent.

They also have a lot of tags.

No matter what kind or focus of fetish or gimmick a smut site has, it should have a page for each category. NTP's tag pages are very thorough and we were happy to see that they have one. You can find links to all the standard and ethnic sex acts, such as masturbation, lesbians, interracial, etc. These links are also available for some more obscure kinks. Some of the most interesting tags are heels, pawgs, upskirts, and pregnant. Even though the tags are called dorcel, Muslim and Netflix, there are some very sensual ones. We aren't kidding - see it for yourself. We guarantee you'll never hear the phrase "Netflix and Chill" again.

Are You Thinking of Joining? Check out the Newbie Page First

This website's primary purpose is to answer your questions and help others. Members can comment, like, favorite and favorite other members just like on a tube site. A username and password are all that is required to create an account. You will only need to verify your email address and that's it. Before you can start posting, however, please read the Help page. Here you'll find a detailed explanation of what constitutes good NTP behavior. This includes information about what a URL post should look like, how to comment on it, how you can report problems and such.

You need to be familiar with the limits on how often you can post. Although engagement is encouraged, NTP webmasters don't want pages to flood with answers. You are restricted to answering one question every five minutes, and you can only answer 24 questions or answers in a 24-hour period. Users who post more than 100 posts without answering them will be penalized for spamming. Although posts can be from professionals or semi-pros alike, designers don't want them to look too amateurish. Your posts that come across this way will be removed. We aren't too specific about what this means but we recommend that you only make posts that feature porn or amateurs from studios. These should have been verified via sextube or social media platforms.

Wrap HTML code in a comma is enough. The site will handle it all.

Mobile Devices: How this site looks

A good porn website or any other website is one that looks great on a smartphone. NTP works just like the desktop version and looks great on mobile devices. The problem is when new tabs open up after you click a link, with the original redirecting you to a spam site. The popup problem isn't as severe as on a computer at home, so you might enjoy this site even more if you use your smartphone or tablet.

What works on this tube

It can be difficult to talk to anonymous people online. Some sites have users who are friendly and social, while others can have members who are aggressive trolls. It seems that NTP's users are friendly and responsive to user's posts. Askers who post questions often include multiple tags to make the search engine more efficient. The filter tools can narrow down hundreds of thousands of posts so that you only see what you're looking for.

We don't like it when web designers include spam links in their menus. There are also affiliate links under the main menu. However, they are clearly marked as exclusive offers. There are three links that offer a PornHub Premium trial, an ad from and 300 tokens for - almost three times the amount of other sites. There are two versions of the site, which cater to different sexualities like most tubes. You can toggle between Straight, Gay, or Trans posts by clicking the link near the main menu.

What is needed to be done?

There isn't a lot, but we can criticize one thing: the annoying amount of popups. Although it's not as bad as other tubes, where clicking on a link will open multiple spam pages, it's nearly as bad. We recommend that you get good popup blocking software and update your firewall. Also, be ready to exit from some random windows.

Here's what we would add

Although the website has a few issues, it does have some nice perks. We would add a forum to the site, as we have over 200 users. There is some socializing, but the majority of it is business-oriented. People on this site love porn so we provide a forum for them to talk about it. We would add a chat room, or possibly several, depending on how much user engagement.

Websites need to generate revenue in order to continue improving and maintaining them. To generate revenue and eliminate ads from each page, we would also add NTP subsite to our webcam site. This would allow you to make money and not spam users. We also think that it would be very easy to find models since there are many members. We would also consider offering a trophy or an award system to those who answer the most questions. This is similar to what other social sex sites do.

Would we recommend this as your new Wank Bank?

Here's the climax: Do we believe you should use this website? Name That Porn is home to an active, growing community. Some members have an almost inexhaustible knowledge of every smut on the internet. It is easy to navigate around the net, and you can find answers to many questions.

If your request hasn't been posted yet, members will usually be happy to answer it. However, this all depends on the question. There are some technical issues and things we believe should be added. These are minor issues and not enough to stop us giving the site five out of five stars and our official endorsement. The site has around 230,000 users and a positive solved rate. This is impressive considering the amount of posts that are soon to exceed a million. This site is definitely worth checking out if you want to answer all your porn questions.

  • All of your porn questions and
  • requests will be answered
  • free of charge.
  • You can be linked to torrents
  • with videos, photos, and GIFs
  • from other sites.
  • You can reverse image search
  • a photo or screenshot of your
  • favorite scene.
  • Mobile Support
  • Popups are a little annoying.
  • Answering some questions
  • takes longer than others.
  • When there should be one,
  • there isn't one.