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rexxx review



We have seen that in times of economic hardship, nothing can take the edge off like watching a sexy lady put on a show either by herself or with a male partner. It is often more enjoyable to see a hot woman paired with another.

This type of genital jiggling material is better if it's free.

Consumers have a lot of options because aggregators as well as true porn sites are cottage industries. Anyone can do it, which means that there will be plenty of variation and industry standardization.

This can also lead to a variety of quality levels and a lack creativity.

This is especially true for porn tubes, which we have found to be the case often. The vast majority of smaller platforms, other than PornHub and xVideos, don't have much to offer.

However, we are still surprised by some aggregators. Want to find out which one is? Read our complete breakdown. You can either do that, or skip to the last header for our summary.

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This website has a secret history

You can find information about website traffic, owners and background using a variety of internet tools. Rexxxx proved to be extremely difficult to find information.

Although the domain appears to have been registered in 2012, we are unable to determine if anyone has used it for many years. This is extremely odd, since "rex" means king and the triple "x" has obvious sexual references.

This great domain appeared to have been up and running in the autumn 2018. The site was linked to users to more than 21 million videos back then, which is about one million more than it does today.

Whatever the reason, the site is the same in content, structure and faults.

The Layout is Simple

A standout design is one of the best ways to sell your website, especially when it's as saturated as the free porn. This website does not use any unusual color schemes or a unique way of navigation. It even doesn't have a logo.

It is acceptable to use color on interactive icons. Links are appropriately highlighted and the design is one that you all probably know. There aren't distracting banners from advertiser's.

You should have no trouble finding content, but don't expect to be impressed when you check out any of these pages.

There are many ways to search media content. You can, for example, specify the length of the videos you want to see and the tubes to which you wish to be linked when searching for them.

There are a lot of categories to choose from

Although the design isn't very impressive, it doesn't matter that much as sites like these are supposed to give you tons of information to peruse and to wank at. This is clearly where the platform excels, as there are literally tens million of videos.

We recommend that you use the search engine at top to find fap materials. You can also use the category page or the dropdown tool in menu.

As with any decent website, all the most popular fetishes, i.e. sections for hair color and ethnic extraction, as well as common sex practices, are listed. There are also links to hundreds, if not thousands, of more obscure sex kinks.

These esoteric and erotic categories might be worth looking into if you've never heard of them or want to.

Assjob, which isn't the same Asslicking or Ass-butts as Fisting, can have very detailed tags. This will give you an idea of the detail. These include Busty and Cameltoe, Upskirts, Smothering, Pregnant and Alt.

The Industry Standard is met by the Video Pages

Since the advent of the tube revolution in 2010, there have been a few standard features that every website like this should have. You can leave feedback via a rating, comment, or both. To rate a video, you'll need to click on the link to the original video. However, you can leave a comment on Rexxx.

Other common features include the ability to share content on social media and to see related videos. These features are available on

This site is technically an aggregator but you can still favorite videos without creating an account. You can also check your favorites later. You can also create custom collections of videos, similar to creating a playlist on YouTube.

There are Thousands of Pornstars in the World

You can also search for videos. Another way to find smut? Search for specific performers. There are currently 4,807 porn artists, but there are many ways to narrow down the number.

The advanced search tool, in addition to the keyword-based search engine allows users to search for specific dates or ranges of ages. You can also search for the date that a performer began and ended.

You can trim these thousands of women down by several dimensions, including height, waist, hips, and weight. You can also sort by cup size and type, as well as shoe size, unlike other advanced filters.

You can also choose your skin color, hair color, country and origin or astrology sign. It is great that you can combine all these tools.

You might assume that the majority of the performers featured in this video have been performing for at least fifteen years. Vintage porn lovers should be aware that there are models and videos of performers who began their careers in 1970s.

GIFs are Gigabytes in size.

Tubes, aggregators and smut search engine are all important innovations that have changed porn. However, the best innovation is to see fap clips in GIFs. You will find links to more than a dozen GIFs that are relevant at the bottom of this page. You can also comment and favorite these clips, just like on the video pages.

Although not as many as the videos with over 100,000 GIFs, there is still plenty to see.

Side note: Even casual searches can yield hilarious and erotic results. These are the best graphic interchange formats we've seen, compared to some other sites that offer sexually satisfying graphic interchange.

Do you like trends? This is where you can see what's hot.

The internet's constant emergence of new trends is one of the most exciting aspects. You can search for trends on YouTube and view popular videos on Studio platforms. We often find that the same features are missing on specialty smut search platforms and aggregators.

This is not the case. We are happy to report that it is. There is indeed a popular search listing, but it is not accessible in the main menu or top-loaded links.

You can search for each query on the page by using a unique search engine. You can also click on any linked search terms to instantly get results.

Pro tip: If you're ever bored, look through these results. Some of the things people have searched for are quite funny.

There is a sex product for every orientation, too

There are three alternative versions to this site for those who aren't into lesbian-loving heterosexuals or don't like titillating material. They are Shemale, All and Gay. Although there are fewer results than the Shemale version, the numbers are still impressive. The Shemale version has approximately 740,000 videos and Gay links to more than four million.

These alternative versions have the same search tools.

Competently Developed Mobile Version

This website was likely designed around a mobile design, based on the time it was created.

This is because the mobile version works slightly better, though scrolling through the very long menu can be frustrating. No matter what machine you have, navigation and use of features should be easy.

What would make this website the King Of Kink Sites?

We have many positive things to say about the platform. There are also a few things we have already touched on. It is important to improve the aesthetics. As any marketer will tell you, visuals are crucial for retaining customers.

This is especially important as web designers obviously want to make money, since they allow a significant number of advertisements on their pages.

We are disappointed that banners do not appear on GIF and video pages. However, we believe there could be more. This site is plagued by redirects and popups. This is the second most important change to make.

Yes, picture porn is not as dominant today as it was in the 1990s. But we would also add a feature that allows you to search for erotic images.

Time to assign our final rating

A website of any type, especially one that is smut-based, should have a unique gimmick. Although there are some shortcomings, the site excels on the latter.

This website has interactive features, which are not required to create an account. This site has the best search options we've seen.

This site is worth a solid four-and-a-half out of five. We think that should be saved to your favorite browser's favorites. This will allow you to make it your primary source for adult content.

  • There are a slew of advanced
  • filters available.
  • Without an account, you can
  • interact with, favourite,
  • and create playlists.
  • This site has the largest selection
  • of smut we've ever seen.
  • Mobile Support
  • This amorous platform's
  • aesthetics are a little lacking.
  • Some ads can distract from
  • videos being viewed.
  • We would love to be able
  • to search for photos.