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indian sex stories review

Indian Sex Stories

Indian Sex Stories

IndianSexStories claims to have the largest collection of Indian sex stories and hot sex fantasies. However, it does appear to have a large collection. These stories are all Desi-focused and broken down into sub-categories so that visitors can easily find their favorites. Stories about group sex, lesbian stories and virgin tales, gay Indian men, and many other topics can be expected.

The collection features stories about Indian crimes and erotica. These stories will provide sexual thrills for all ages. This site is seeking active Hindi and English writers who will provide a great read for anyone who loves Indian erotica. The best part is that everything is free and visitors can enjoy this potentially stimulating experience.

What users can expect

IndianSexStories allows you to not only share your Indian sex fantasies, but also enjoy their beautiful golden flesh. The site also has a section for sex photos that features sexy married women and sexy aunties, as well as young, sexy, and ugly Indian babes. The stories are well-written and feature sex stories that will definitely entice users' naughty fantasies. Since 2002, the site has provided its users with lusty sexual stories.

Take a look at the design

IndianSexStories may not have the most beautiful designs, but they are far from the worst. It's actually quite colorful, which is surprising considering that many sex stories are boring. It's simple, doesn't overburden users with clutter or intrusive ads and allows users to focus on the products. Everything is in its right place. The header menu contains neatly organized tabs that allow users to quickly jump into the vast archive.

The home button is next to which you can submit your stories. Writers must be registered members to submit stories. This is the norm for such an option. The signup process for potential members is simple. It only requires a valid email address, a username and a few words about you. You can also choose from Indian sex photos and popular stories. You can also click on tabs that link to external sources, but this review will not be discussing them.

You will find more helpful links at the bottom of the page, such as FAQ and About Us. These links allow users to learn more about the site. The site promises to publish user-submitted stories. The site accepts content from anyone, even if they are Indian. Stories will be presented in English and Indian Desi languages to reach a worldwide audience. Site has a mission to provide the best erotic fictions and real-life stories.

Navigation is easy

Users can navigate the huge collection of titles with ease thanks to this site. There are two search options to quickly find specific titles. You can also find almost every type of erotica in the collection, which is conveniently categorized. The stories start with the most recent stories. If the dates are any indication, there are approximately 8-10 new stories added each day. Although the navigation menu has 5154 pages, pagination is limited to a handful of pages.

An enormous collection of sex stories

IndianSexStories is in business for nearly two decades presenting high quality adult sex stories worldwide to its millions of visitors. The site has collected over 50,000 erotic stories in that time and the number is steadily rising thanks to the daily updates. Before being published, each story is reviewed by an editor. Editors look at formatting and readability. The stories are also edited and improved to provide a better reading experience.

The site is a specialist in stories with Indian themes. As such, most of their web traffic and mobile traffic come from India. Over 17k people have submitted stories or are continuing to submit them. These stories will stimulate the imagination and provide intense stimulation. Some chapters are available in sections, while others can be read long. The story Paradise Boarding School is a tale about a teacher/student fantasyland. It can be found in 18 chapters. Registered users have the ability to comment on and rate videos.

Impressive diversity

The site has a large collection and covers many fantasies. This list shows just a few of the many stories that are available. Stories about men sexing with their mothers, office sex and lesbian babes consuming each other's cunts and sexually starving married women banging on their maidservants are just a few of the many examples. The story's date of upload, the category and clickable tags will be displayed. This will allow users to find similar stories. These stories are about women from India, Desi, Naukrani and Savita Bhabhi. Only problem is that audios are not available on the site.

A beautiful collection of photos

The site offers users the opportunity to see naked Indian babes, as well as other eye candy. Indian sex photos offers a wealth of nudes that feature hot Indian babes who have beautiful bodies and are prone to posing naked. These are all authentic amateur photos where the babes show off their ugly side to camera. This is a refreshing break from the written stories, and it gives nude fans the chance to see the beauty in the sexy Indian flesh. These images can't be downloaded in zip but are accompanied with some wonderful stories that spice up the experience.

Savita Bhabhi's delicious cuisine

Some Savita Bhabhi content has been added to the site. Savita Bhabhi, a pornographic cartoon character of a housewife whose promiscuous behaviour is justifiable by the fact that her husband (Ashok) ignores her. Respectfully, the title bhabhi (sister in-law) is attached to the first names North Indian housewives.

An anonymous person in India promoted the character through a comic strip medium. However, it has been converted to a subscription-based strip on IndianSexStories allows users to view explicit depictions of Savita's sexual adventures. The content of this site is a transcription of the original content and does not contain any comics. The original content has been linked. It's a nice gesture by the site in any case.

There are many things to love about IndianSexStories

There are a lot of great stories. Users can browse a collection of over 50,000+ sex stories in English and Hindu.

Regular updates The site adds 8-10 stories each day to its huge collection.

Hot Photos. The site has stories and a large collection of photos that show Indian babes naked and getting nasty.

Mobile friendly The site is accessible via tablets and smartphones, allowing users to access sexy stories from wherever they may be.

IndianSexStories: Things to Hate

The stories are not available with audio . This is a problem for the visually impaired and those who don't know .

How to improve the site

Audios would be an important step in ensuring that all lovers of written erotica can enjoy the stories. The stories are currently only accessible to those who can read. The site's theme is so Indian that it could be beneficial to include Indian colors in the design. This would add visual appeal.


IndianSexStories is a place where Indian sex stories come to life. Users can access a huge collection of depraved and sexy Indian sex stories completely free. Thanks to daily updates, the archive is growing and it's huge. You can submit your stories in English or Hindu. The collection now includes Tantalizing photos of Hindu amateurs. Users can also enjoy more free content!

  • There are many exciting stories
  • to be found.
  • Regular updates.
  • Hot photos.
  • Mobile friendly.
  • Mobile Support
  • No audios.