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Literotica review



Literotica is a pioneer in online erotica. Literotica was founded in 1998 and is believed to be the first website that publishes erotic fiction works. Literotica is a newer porn-site that has not been as popular as some of its predecessors. Its layout and appearance may be outdated and cumbersome at times, but the site is unbeatable in terms of the quality and quantity it offers.

So Many Stories

Literotica will greet you with a disclaimer about its adult nature, some introductions, and some news. It may seem like the site has been abandoned since the 1990s. However, the site is still being regularly updated, improved and updated.

Literotica offers a variety of themed contests that are updated regularly. This can be a great way to meet the active authors. But don't let your eyes wander through the entire page. It's tempting just to jump right into the business of Literotica. However, it is worthwhile to take some time to learn about Literotica.

Literotica's Stories & Pics section is the most popular. You'll find a simple list of links that will take you forward. At the same time, you'll see a horrible blue background with the words "” and "erotic tales" repeated ad nauseam.

You can ignore this bit of poor site design. You'll find literary erotica on this website that is better than any other. If you are brave enough and can tolerate terrible plots and characters, you can jump right in and start reading the latest stories. But if you are not, you will need to be more careful and take a different approach to the collection. The New section isn't necessarily a bad place to read, but there are over 100 new stories posted every day so you have a good chance of finding something good.

The Top Lists page is the best place to start for a great greatest-hits experience. believes that poetry can be very well-written and often quite funny. However, if you visit Literotica with the goal of having some fun, then stick to stories. While poetry is enjoyable later on, the main focus of Literotica is the stories.

There are two ways to view the top stories before you dive into genre. A list of the Most Read stories and the most Reader Voted stories can be viewed. Each one has its advantages and disadvantages. Even though they are often ten years old, the Most Read stories have stood up to the test of time. They can also be prone to falling apart due to their popularity being more dependent on their quality, longevity, and eye-catching titles than the actual story.

There are some drawbacks to the top-voted stories. The most popular stories are often old and are therefore almost too new. They are more popular because they are flavors-of the-month than any intrinsic quality. Some stories have only a small average rating due to the fact that they were only read by a tiny fraction of site readers.

Both are great, even though they may be in different ways. Instead of sticking to one category, read stories from both. Literotica's extensive category system can help you find something more specific. These categories are sorted according to voting results. However, you can change the filter to include stories from the past month, year, and all time to alter the results.

The genres are sorted alphabetically. Although most of them contain worthwhile stories, I will only be focusing on a few of my favorites and the most interesting. You will find the basic information you'd expect from any porn site, such as Anal, BDSM and Gay stories. They also include some of the tropes that are always present in literary erotica like Celebrities, Fan Fiction and First Time. Fetishes are touched on in Exhibitionist & Voyeur, Incest/Taboo, and NonConsent/Reluctance, and they've even got some categories you would never expect, like nonfictional How To guides, Reviews and Essays, and even Non-Erotic stories.

You can also browse stories by series. This is a better way to explore the long serials that many Literotica authors love to write. If you find yourself liking one author more than others, you will be able to locate them and follow them. The last but not the least is the themed contest section. This contains all stories published in the current contest.

Plus a Little More

Literotica is more than just its stories. Their (once-a-weekly) advice column is a fascinating section that answers questions about life, sex and other topics. Literotica's advice column is entertaining, informative, and erotic. It should not be missed, even though it may not be what you were expecting. The section is no more active and only a few letters are available, but recommends that you still visit it for posterity's sake.

Literotica also hosts an active personals forum. It's not focused on profiles like other dating sites. Instead, it focuses on forum threads and replies. It is also completely free and, unlike other dating sites. You don't even have to pay anything to improve your visibility. Literotica's demographics are heavily female and this trend continues to their personals section. Literotica's personals section is the complete opposite of what you see on most dating and personals websites.

The rest of the sections can either be ignored or are only marginally interesting. The Bulletin Board, which they call an active discussion forum that covers everything from sex to life to erotic fiction, is much more than the chatroom. It's a very active and lively place for general discussions.

Literotica also has an Adult Toy and Video Store. However, found that the prices and selection are not as good as those at a dedicated adult store. Literotica VOD is the same. They offer pay-per-minute streaming, but it's better to visit a dedicated video porn site.

The Erotic Audio section is a very nice addition to the site. It features audio readings of erotic literature. Although the quality is not as consistent as the written works, there are still many gems that are worth exploring and enjoying. You can also upload photos, as well as original cartoons and erotica. Although these sections are not as visually appealing as the main site, they can provide a distraction from the main content.

Excellent Erotica

Literotica is not perfect. The site isn't perfect. Some areas aren't up-to-date, and the overall aesthetics need to be modernized. However, that is not what matters. Literotica's main attraction is its vast collection of literary Erotica. The site excels in this aspect. It is easy to overlook the site's minor flaws when you consider the huge upsides of this site.

Yes, it's ugly. It doesn't have to be ugly. This site is just a tool. The site has millions of well-written and categorized erotic stories, covering hundreds of topics and genres. They're all easily accessible. It's free and there are no ads to be seen. You can also access the stories quickly and easily. Although it may not look great, it works.

Literotica is not the only literary erotica site. There are many others. Its huge user base and back catalog will be the main draw. Literotica is the best option for writers and readers of written porn.

  • Huge selection of poems and stories.
  • Simple to use, comprehensive
  • category system.
  • Surprisingly comprehensive
  • non-literature features.
  • Mobile Support
  • Traditional layout
  • The hideous background in blue