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storiesonline review


Storiesonline is, as the name implies, a fantastic site that allows visitors to read thousands of stories from every genre, upload their own stories, and interact with other readers. It is one the most popular story sites online. The majority of its content are adult-oriented stories. Over 4000 registered authors post new content daily. A comprehensive search engine allows visitors to find a wide range of non-erotic, erotic, short stories, novels, serials, and ebooks. This could be the perfect online fiction site for you. There is no advertising and it offers a free membership. However, there is only one way to find it.

StoriesOnline by the numbers

Since 1998, the site has been in existence. This is enough time to build a large community and collect a vast array of non-erotic stories. It has a global rank of #85.236. The site is worth approximately $170.540.00 and a daily income of $247.00. It attracts around 19,787 unique visitors per day and 118,312 page views daily. There are also over 45,781 stories within the archive. New stories are added frequently.

The first experience

The site prompts visitors to register upon their first visit. Before registering, you can get a free ride to read chapters from hundreds of top-rated stories. StoriesOnline does have some content that requires registration. However, registration is not required. Most of the services are free and users can enjoy a lot of arousal without having to spend a lot.

Registration is easy. Users only need to enter their email address to receive an invitation email. StoriesOnline gives users the ability to create a password of 255 characters. This is an excellent option for anyone who wants their accounts to be completely protected.

Users have the option to upload their content to the site. There are rules about what is allowed and what is not. StoriesOnline users are encouraged to adhere to these rules and to understand the terms of their agreements when they upload stories to StoriesOnline. StoriesOnline's design may seem dated at first glance, which could be a problem for some. It looks as though the design hasn't been updated in years. The background is red and the information and links are in a messy box. The log-in/register boxes are not as simple as they should be and the overall design could use some work.

Users can click the preview link on the landing page to be directed to a page with sex stories for free. Based on the upload dates, it doesn't appear that there is a pattern in how content is presented. These stories are random ones from the archive. The tabs for New Stories or Updates are located at the top of the page. They are updated multiple times per day and can be expected to deliver a lot of hot, fresh text.

There are thousands of stories to choose from

You have many options to discover all the wonderful content on this page. You can browse top lists, new lists and reviews. There are also options to browse by category, authors, my reviews and advanced search. StoriesOnline has over 33,000+ stories free of charge (plus an additional 10,000 for premium members). Some stories can span hundreds of pages.

You can start your adventure by checking out the many categories. You will find everything you need, including vanilla romance stories, cheating/loving women, BDSM and gangbang, exhibitionism, gangbang, and masturbation.

The search function is so well thought out, users will be amazed at how organized it is. You can choose from a variety of options, and all the results are combined together, making it easy to find the perfect story. You have the option to choose your age, gender, consent level (consensual or rape), and even blackmail. You can also choose your sexual orientations and story style (crime or horror, school, war, etc.). as well as all types of activity fetishes such as double penetration, oral and squirting, public, among others.

You can select multiple boxes to narrow down the thousands of stories and find the ones that best suit your needs. You can even see the most popular combinations. These options are available only to premium members.

Take a look at the reading experience

They are all excellently written, particularly the most popular. The site has a mix of short and long stories. This allows readers to vote for everything they see. Stories must meet certain criteria to be included in the top 100. Users should note that premium accounts are required to download stories quickly (HTML or plain text, eBook reader Kindle, EPUB), and they can only be purchased by paying for a premium account. Premium accounts offer 100 stories per day, improved user interfaces, more customization options, advanced search capabilities, and many other useful features.

StoriesOnline has a great selection of sexual stories, many of which are texts of love. StoriesOnline's text layout is superb and gives the user the best reading experience. It has been a long-term project that the site team put in a lot of effort.

Experience ad-free

It is wonderful to see that there are no ads on the site, aside from the many exciting erotic tales. The stories will be enjoyable to read without the distraction of flashy advertisements selling boner pills and popups. The absence of advertisements is a good thing, considering that most of the content can be accessed by anyone without creating an account.

An opportunity to interact with a vibrant community

There are many ways to communicate, in addition to reading stories. Written porn is more sophisticated than videos, and can inspire many talks. The forums allow users to interact with each other. While many are there only to read new threads and not to make any changes, the majority of the community remains active. You can choose from existing threads to join the discussion, create a new thread or simply read posts made by others.

Mobile responsive

Although the platform does not have a mobile application, the mobile version is still available. Although the mobile version of the site is not stable, it is extremely scaled down to be used with tablets or smartphones. Even if they don't have a computer, users can still read the stories comfortably.

StoriesOnline: Things to Love

There are thousands of adult stories. Users looking for stories about sex will be delighted to see a huge collection of more than 40,000 stories that cover a variety of sexual situations.

A great variety. The collection covers a lot of categories and fetishes, including sci-fi and fantasy, horror and incest.

Amazing search features. The site provides many search options and allows users the ability to combine multiple genres in one search.

Active community. The site has a large community that keeps it active through threads and engaged discussions. Users can also upload their own content to the site.

Potential concerns

The site's design is terrible. It looks old and out of date.

There are some non-adult stories. Not everything about porn is the same. Users can expect to find a lot of stories that do not have anything to do with it. They seem strange on such a platform, it's obvious.

What the site can do to improve

StoriesOnline is the best when it comes to providing the most popular erotica. The site's design is outdated and should be updated. The site promises free sex stories but also includes non-adult stories. It is best to pick one side and stick with it.


StoriesOnline is a great place to find sex stories for writers and readers. StoriesOnline has an extensive archive of stories that cover a wide range of fantasies. They offer great search options and excellent features, as well as a large active community. The site is free and completely avoids popups and ads, which gives users a wonderful browsing experience.

  • There are thousands of adult stories.
  • Excellent variety.
  • Amazing search features.
  • Active community.
  • Mobile Support
  • Awful design.
  • There is some non-adult material.