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Lush Stories review

Lush Stories

Lush Stories

LushStories is the place to go if you are looking for erotica or hardcore fantasies written in words. The site is free and offers thousands of adult-oriented stories that have been submitted by users. There are many other features on the site, such as a forum, store, interactivity and a porntube area. Everyone is allowed to submit stories and has free access to the porntube. All stories are carefully written and checked for quality before being posted. There are many categories, including anal, BDSM and gay male content. This is a chance for users to join a community that offers more than an average adult site. You can learn more about the site by taking a deeper look.

First, let's look at the numbers has been online for 1 decade and 3 years. It was launched in 2006. It is ranked #52,553 in the global web traffic rankings. It is worth approximately $280,040.00 and generates a monthly income of $392.00. It's a popular destination for users, with 31742 unique visitors per day and 190 722 page views daily.

This site is described as a sex network, erotica-focused adult social network, and has a large community of 444,089 members. Thousands of them are online at any one time. The site has shared 56,531 stories and 427,536 photos, made 228,466 blog entries, and written 3,741,745 forums posts.

Many options, dated design

LushStories is not like other similar sites that try to impress users with their extravagant designs. It has a rather outdated design and the background is not suitable for an adult site. It is obvious that the banner at the top shows what appears to be a steamy scene in a shower, but it would be a good idea to offer an option to 'go darker'.

Although the design is dated, it still packs a lot of functionality. At the top of the site are some statistics, including those mentioned previously. You can submit a story by clicking the link to your left. You can also view a long list of categories to show the diversity of the collection. It's easy to use and you can sort the content by date, popularity, views and date. Users are invited to join the party by sharing their latest stories. Over 10 stories are added each day, if the dates are any indication.

Every story has a preview, as well as other useful information such comments, tags, and word count. Users will be able to choose the right size for their time and budget. The right side shows the top writers over the last month, their story picks and the most popular tags. The most popular terms are, among other things, penetration, forced feminization and ass licked. You can also use the basic search function at the top. You can search for specific authors or types of stories and even other members.

You can submit stories, check out members, create profiles and chat in the forum. It is 100% interactive. It is a community that users feel connected to.

The main focus is on erotic stories

LushStories could be described as an all-purpose site, but the primary focus is still on the stories. They have published 56,501 stories and, as the site boasts, more are added each day. Many skilled writers enjoy spending time alone with their keyboards, while their fantasies are projected onto a white screen.

This is not an online journal that allows anyone to add entries. These well-written, plot-inducing scenarios of seduction are available in many niches. This is far from a place to dump dirtiness. They actually acknowledge all those who add entries. This is where editors' picks and recommended stories are emphasized. Before stories can be added to this site, they must pass an approval process. These stories can be viewed online and printed.

You can choose from 52+ categories, including BDSM, Flash erotica and cheating. It is almost impossible to find a story that appeals most to your fantasies with so many options.

Flag inappropriate stories via a link. This site takes things seriously. That means that child porn and rape are out of bounds. Piss is allowed, but they do not allow scat porn. There is no furry section and sex with animals is prohibited. Fan fiction is not allowed. There are also no stories featuring celebrities. It is possible to be banned for violating any of these rules.

The stories below a thousand words are rare, however. Many of these stories are lengthy fuckfests that run thousands of words. The front page has nearly 10,000 words, with 40 pages of printed material. This is incredible. Every week, users can expect to see sex scenes that rival a novel.

Are you up for some erotic poetry?

The site defaults to presenting stories. However, there are options to browse content by Poems or All. It is quite surprising that the poetry section is updated almost as often as the stories. The poems are being rated and commented on by users. They cover a wide range of sexual topics, just as the stories. LushStories takes their poetry seriously. This will please lovers of this type of erotica.

Take a look at the additional features

This site isn't all about poetry and erotic stories. The Forum tab in the header menu opens in the same manner and uses a stable template for forum formatting. There are many sections in the forum and lots of activities. Over 443,970 members have contributed more than 3.4 million posts to 52,420 topics. Users can also explore the Lush Tube website, the store and the live Cam plug in. This site has clips, scenes, categories and movies from all walks of life, as well as gay, straight and shemale cam clips. Although the views are not always available in high quality, they can be streamed. There is plenty to see. They are all part of one large community, where almost everything can be accessed for free.

LushStories: The Best Things

An enormous archive of stories. Users are viewing a collection that contains over 56,501 stories. All of these stories describe plenty of different sexual situations. These stories can be quite long, sometimes exceeding 40 pages.

A wide variety of niches. The collection of stories appeals a lot to many fantasies. It can be browsed in over 50 categories, ranging from vanilla to the absolutely kinky.

The site is updated constantly. Daily new stories are added. Every day, users can look forward to 10-15 new scenes.

Audios sex Stories The site offers a good selection of audio sex stories that are accessible to the visually impaired. This is a nice touch.

Potential concerns

The site design could be improved. While it isn't terrible, it is a little outdated. A modern design and better content arrangement could be used to improve the site.

What the site can do to improve

Although LushStories' team has almost got it right, the old design must go. A dark mode option could be added to the site. It is not easy to see the site's background in nighttime browsing.


LushStories, all things considered, is a huge community that enjoys and creates hardcore/softcore sex stories and poems. There are thousands of stories submitted by users, with many more arriving every day. You have many options to choose from when searching for topics of fetish, softcore, or hardcore. You can also interact in the forums and get a free porn tube.

  • An enormous archive of stories.
  • There are many niches to choose from.
  • Constant updates.
  • Audio sex stories.
  • Mobile Support
  • Design could be even better.