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AdultFriendFinder review



The advent of internet dating is one of the most effective ways that people have used the internet to their advantage. It was not easy at first due to slow image loading times and poor internet speeds. Also, there was a lot of trust needed before the platforms were established.

Online dating is almost perfect thanks to decades of experimentation, lightning fast download speeds, no buffering issues for video streams and a culture that is used to sharing intimate information. One of the pioneering platforms which helped shape this new way to meet (as well as make out) with new people is

Although AFF has had its ups and downs over the years, it remains a landmark site that is well worth visiting. Scroll down to find out more.

One of the oldest dating sites online

The dawn of the World Wide Web was a complete sh*t show. HTML coding was almost as rapid as the internet pornography discovered by the horny geeks.

A few brave souls managed to find the secrets of success while simultaneously developing and navigating the digital sea.

At least, for the majority.

Andrew Conru, a legendary mechanical engineer and founder of the WWW, was one of them. Aside from helping to create, and accidental founders of a few accidental adult entertainment businesses, Conru also helped to build the foundation for what would become AFF in the mid-nineties.

Cornu founded WebPersonals in 19964. This would be the first official dating platform (or the internet version) of a "dating" platform. It was available on the then-new World Wide Web.

Although crude, Cornu's vision spread to the rapidly growing fiberoptic cables. These served as the connective tissue of the net and led to many interesting changes, most notably with his other projects.

One, he started WebPersonals. He also built up and sold about half a dozen companies in a matter of years. Among them, he founded which was later purchased by the Penthouse franchise.

Andrew Cornu retook the FriendFinder Networks and made it better from the tail-end of 2013 to the present. He is now the head of Adult Friend Finder.

Moving on, AFF has had a significant impact on both the online dating scene as well as the digital hook-up culture, despite its ups and downs.

This site has received numerous accolades over the years, including being rated the most popular website in the Stateside.

* OkCupid & are the top 100 ranked sites to find love in 2007.

*...being named the "Dating Program Of The Year" by XBIZ Award 2010.

*...the "Best Adult Dancing Side" according to 2012 rankings

*...the YNOT Award for "Best Dating Agency" 2015 was the most prestigious indie award.

*...and the XBIZ Awards Winners and GFY "Best Dating Agency" Winners in 2016...

...among other forms of recognition or accolades.

Design is Decent

AdultFriendFinder's aesthetics are top-notch. However, there is a small segment of potential users that may not be ready for it. AFF offers tons of features and functions that most dating sites lack, as you'll see in the rest of this review. AFF's design is very minimalistic, in contrast to Tinder and other app-based dating apps.

Some people might have to adapt to the many ways that you can interact with others and the variety of activities available. After reading this article, don't immediately respond to people. We recommend that you spend time exploring the site and finding your "niche"

AdultFriendFinder's design is as it is. It uses a stimulating red-white color scheme, which is accented with a pleasing shade dark gray and light. This palette, with its use of contrast black or white-colored texts, makes it easy to view the site and also makes it exciting. This makes it a great platform for hookups.

There are a lot of features to choose from

Good search options are essential for the site's over 97 million members. The search and filter tools are a key aspect of the site.

You can filter your choices by gender and the number of partners that you are interested in using the basic tools. This site is in line with current trends and identities. It allows you to filter your options by gender and number of partners.

You can also search for men, women, transvestites and transgenders. You can also sign up for a single person, woman or transperson, as well as a mixed-sex or same sex couple or a larger number of people.

Additional filter options allow you to search for other members based on their location, physical characteristics, as well as personal and sexual interests. This level of detail will ensure that you find people nearby who are interested in what you are searching for.

There are many other bonus features that are not available on other dating or hookup sites.

Members' videos - According to the hookup culture, people have become more sexually free than ever before, especially when it is about exposing themselves online to strangers. It should not surprise that there are thousands of videos from members, most of which are women, showing off their nakedness on their phones and live streams.

Members' Streams AFF has thousands upon thousands of AFF members, all of whom are amateurs, semi-pros and professionals. They will entertain you free of charge - at least, they will. Private shows are usually expensive. However, the type of skin and exhibition that you want before the show goes private will vary. This means that streamers may be more generous than true cam sites.

The site has cammers from around the globe and almost every time zone, so you can find a girl that suits your needs no matter where you are located. As of this writing, nearly 300 live broadcasts are currently going.

Chat- Without a chat room, what would a hookup website be? AFF offers many chat rooms that will help you connect with other members as well as streamers. They will also talk to you free of charge, unlike the webcam models. We checked and found that there were slightly more chatters (mostly women) than cammers.

We have also found that chat members are more likely to be friendly and polite if they are interested in talking to you privately. They may even exchange photos of their privates.

AFF Forum - While we have reviewed many online porn sites that focus on erotic entertainment, there are not many dating sites with a well-made forum. AFF also has several sub-sites that cater to different interests and fetishes.

There seems to be a special emphasis on polyamory and group sex. Some of the larger groups are specialized in group sex and polyamory. There are also separate groups for people who enjoy MILFs, mature and lesbian sex, gay hookups, and other casual sex.

AFF blog - If you like any of these forums, you will want to check out the specialty member blogs. AFF staff may occasionally contribute, but the vast majority of the contributions to these blogs were made by users.

There are almost twenty million blog posts that have been written by people seeking advice on how to have erotic encounters. There are blogs that promote amateur pornography.

Blog posts can be found within AFF forums and special groups. This makes it easy to find a community. There are more than 170,000 groups available if you feel you won't find the right group.

AFF magazine - Although not an e-zine, AFF magazines can be used as an extension of blogs and forums. Anyone can ask questions and create articles. Although the intention is to vent, the site's members can use this section to create their own articles, quizzes, and ask questions to other users.

Also, paid members have access to success stories. These articles describe the moves and/or words that made them hook up with their last successful date or date.

Erotic Tales - In addition to hook-up stories, there's a section dedicated to publishing erotic tales, both real and imagined. We aren't sure which tales are too bizarre to be true or too absurd, due to the odd details. We think you'll find them to be extremely entertaining.

What's hot This feature is unique in that it helps users find the most current, popular content on the internet. This tool is not only useful for finding hot content but it also helps you find the creators.

AdultFriendFinder on Social Media

If you're not already on one of these social media platforms, which ones are you? If you want to keep up with the latest developments in AFF without having to check your email, follow Adult Friend Finder on twitter.

You will receive updates about the latest developments on the site several times per week, if not daily. All of this information is free to you. AFF was once a Tumblr group that offered contests and giveaways based on porn. However, their pages were wiped after the Purge 2018.

There is a Thriving Community

Although AFF is marketed as a "dating site", the official motto of AFF says "Hookup. Find Sex or Meet Someone Hot Right Now."

This moniker, along with all the features on the site that allow you to search for people based upon your physical characteristics, means most people are looking for long-term or casual sexual relationships. According to user reports, we have come in contact with many new members who are likely to be well-received within the community.

This means that you have a higher chance of meeting, flirting with, or even hooking up with other members. Although it is difficult to confirm, reports suggest that members who are most active on the site are single middle-aged men and women of similar ages as well as heterosexual couples.

It is possible to meet people who are interested in romantic relationships and dates with the many users. However, some users have been relegated to the sidelines for being data phishers. We strongly advise caution when sharing personal information with other members, even more than on other dating sites.

Membership comes with risks and costs

First, Adult Friends Finder is a free-to use model. However, it could more accurately be called a pay to play (or pay-to get-laid?). model. We mean that you can create an account for free and view all members and other features of the platform.

Although it is easy to create an account, you will need more information than other dating websites. All you need is your gender and the type of relationship you desire. After that, you'll need to enter your birth date, country, and zip code. You will then need to create an account username and password. You will then need to verify your account, and you will have to pass some security tests.

You can also send messages to this account and receive emails from AFF regarding site updates, new features and personal emails. To interact on a regular basis with others and to use all the features of the site, you must purchase a paid membership.

A standard membership costs $39.95 per thirty-day pass. However, a quarter for $80.85 is only $26.95 per month. An annual pass costs $239.95, or $20.00 per month. This is the best option.

All major credit cards and debit cards, along with some bank transfers, are accepted as well, just like most dating sites.

There are also some risks associated with membership

Although memberships are (currently) 100% secure, personal information as well as the computing devices of users were not always protected. AFF settled a huge lawsuit with the FCC in 2007. AFF was accused of intentionally placing popups on their website, which were laden in malware.

Another example is the 2014 evidence that AFF was guilty financially of defrauding. Customers filed lawsuits alleging that former employees of AFF confirmed that AFF was knowingly continuing to be members for an excessive number of times over a single period, even after their membership was cancelled.

AFF suffered a series security breaches caused by blackhat hackers between 2015 and 2016. These included the theft of personal information of around a hundred million users who had deleted their accounts. Sources claim that these two cyberattacks were among the most significant data breaches of all time.

AFF staff assured customers that they will continue to be vigilant against cyber pirates and prevent future incursions. We remain skeptical, however, due to the company's incompetence and lack of business ethics, we are still skeptical.

Mobile and Desktop Experiences are very different

This is especially true for aesthetics. Because they appeared to have been created by different people, the mobile and desktop versions looked very different.

We have already covered that the original AFF was created by Andrew Cornu and his team, while Geoffrey Martin created a "recent" version for iOS. As it turns out, the latter, called Adult Friend Finder : meet&chat is not related to the AFF brand.

Strangely, AFF's original website does not have a mobile version that is available in major mobile app stores like the Apple and Android app stores. AFF's mobile app is only available through browser downloads.

We don't recommend it as AFF's minimalist design is not well-suited for small-screen smartphones and tablets. This applies to both the app as well as the normal website that is accessible via a mobile browser. AdultFriendFinder should be used on a regular device.

AdultFriendFinder: What we like about adult and why you might like it

Adult Friend Finder's greatest draw is the large number of people who are drawn to it. This is the largest and oldest hookup site on the internet.

With nearly 100,000 members, it is almost certain that you will find someone to chat, date, or even have a baby with. It's easy to find someone with the help of a well-designed search engine and filter feature.

Adult Friend Finder offers more features than most other dating sites. While some hookup sites may offer additional features, it is common for many. AFF stands out because of its chat rooms, blogs and forums as well as other publishing and social features.

We should also note that the community is generally friendly and free from weirdos and flame wars.

Although this is a small praise and is very niche, we feel that it is important to highlight the many features that encourage group sex, swinging, or similar sexual or romantic encounters. AFF is for those who enjoy sex with multiple partners and are interested in experimenting in this. AFF is a welcoming community for all types of sex.

AdultFriendFinder: What we Hate and How We Would Improve It

AdultFriendFinder has many outstanding features. However, we think users need to be aware that there are some issues with the program. We have previously mentioned the issues of data breaches and customer abuse. This is due to managerial incompetence.

We would assign customer service personnel to identify and permaban spammers as well as suspicious accounts. We will improve tools for reporting spammers and data miner. To prevent new accounts from being opened, we will also replace the deleted data with those of known hackers.

Although we can't be certain, we believe that the site would benefit from the replacement of most of the C-suite members and the examination of the heads of web development and data management staff. This, along with the development of more robust tools and security for the site against hacking, will prevent any major problems in the future.

The way AFF runs should reflect the vision of Andrew Cornu, its founder.

Finally, although it's nice that they included a free-to join option, it's a bit odd that you can only view videos but not read or send messages.

How do we rank this dating platform?

We have already mentioned that AFF's aesthetic design and responsiveness are excellent. However, AFF has deeper structural problems. The most alarming is AdultFriendFinder's potential misuse of personal information, especially payment data.

Adult Friend Finder, despite all its faults, has a larger database than other dating websites.

According to our research, communication and hooking up are common among users, even those living in rural areas. This site is also a great place to meet new people and find one-time ladies. This is why we recommend it, especially to those who are interested in hooking up.

We recommend that you be careful when sharing information with others and to monitor your AFF payments. AdultFriendFinder is awarded three out of five points.

  • There are nearly 100 million users online,
  • so there is a lot of choice.
  • You have many search options that will
  • make it easy to find the right mate or date.
  • AFF offers a lot more social features than most dating sites.
  • Mobile Support
  • AFF has a history involving unethical business practices, and customer abuse.
  • Too many data phishers are still posing as sincere members, often sexy.
  • There have been some extremely dangerous data breaches on the site