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FetLife review



Get bound together online

Many of our modern conveniences can be credited to the internet. Sites like Amazon allow us to have almost anything we want shipped directly to our doorstep in just a few days. The internet is full of great information that allows us to find out almost anything we want without spending a lot of money or incurring a lifetime of student loans. You need to quickly get rid of an old, unneeded piece of furniture. You can post it on Craigslist, and someone will pick it up. Are you looking for a job? Indeed and other sites will allow you to connect with hundreds of local companies. Our connections are stronger than ever. This opens up a world of possibilities.

This is also true when it comes finding like-minded people. It's never been easier to find people who share your interests, no matter how obscure, with the advent of social networks. There are a lot of dating websites that allow you to find new friends, have a one-night stand or establish a long-lasting sexual relationship.

Tinder and other apps like it have replaced the bar scene for quick hookups. Plenty of Fish and Ok Cupid have replaced speed dating nights and matchmakers at your local community centers. You can also find others who share your fetishes or kinks. This is why you might need to meet up with them or attend special conferences. Before the internet, it was difficult to navigate the life of a Fetishist.

Renaissance of Kink

It is now easier than ever to join the kink scene. Fet Life is a social networking site that allows you to meet, learn, and develop relationships. package. This means that there are more connections for kink veterans and it also means that the floodgates are open.

Sites like this allow thousands of people all over the globe to freely explore, learn and experiment with their sexual proclivities. They have entire communities they can contact (without needing to travel far to find them) who are eager and willing to help them in any way they can. This is a wonderful thing. In the past, many people felt sexually empty throughout their lives and had no clue why. They didn't realize that they might not have had the support or resources they needed to find their deepest, most cherished sexual desires.

The internet has helped people to realize the true nature of their sexual desires. It could have been the huge amount of porn that is available for free, which allows them to experiment with different fetishes, or the new online communities of kinksters from around the globe. There's no doubt that the kink community has grown tremendously since the internet was opened.

Fet Life is an internet site that combines all the best elements of the internet to help fetishists discover their sexual desires. Fet Life has become a trusted resource for long-time lovers and admirers of kinkiness, allowing them to connect with others they may not have otherwise. Fet Life offers all the educational and information a budding fetishist could want. All included in one package, completely free.

It's a kind of Facebook for people who are looking to get laid. Fet Life can cater to any kink. Fetlife has everything you need, whether you're a dom searching for a sub or a daddy-dom looking to find a princess. You just need to state what you're into and how much experience. Then connect with other members and you can cross your fingers.

The largest online kink community in the world

Fet Life was founded in 2008 by John Kopanas, a Canadian software engineer (also known as John Baku on the site). The site was originally called Friends with Fetishes, but he rebranded Fet Life in 2008. Fet Life was initially a site that featured all kinds of fetishes. Anyone could create a group to discuss any topic they wanted. In January 2017, however, the ability to create new Fet Life groups was stopped due to an excessive number of Fet Life group keywords such as blood, incest and needles. These distasteful groups were removed, a new policy was established banning them, and the ability to create groups is now restored.

Fet Life's popularity has exploded since its 2008 launch. All new users today are automatically subscribed the Fet Life Announcements general group. This group has over 6 million members as of 2017. Baku's vision is a great success. It's possible that nobody will feel frustrated by the difficulty of finding a partner like the founder of the site.

Fet Life, as you might have guessed, is a social network that is group-based. Although you don't have to join groups in order to enjoy Fet Life, it is a great way to improve your experience. It is still possible to browse the site by location and follow or friend them as you wish. suggests that your chances of success will be higher if you search for groups that are close to your heart and participate in the discussions that take place within them. It is frowned upon to post friend requests on this website without first establishing a connection. These groups can be a great way for you to make and sustain those connections.

Once you have made these connections, you will be able to make friends and follow other like-minded users and build a community of your own. Similar to Facebook, you can see the posts and activity of your friends in a feed. You can see status updates, new photos, videos, and other erotica from this page.

Weighing the benefits outweighs minor flaws

This brings us to the first flaw in Fet Life. These posts, photos, and other content cannot be commented on directly from your feed. Instead, you'll need to click on the content and then comment directly on the page. This is not as convenient as one might expect from a site called "Facebook but managed by kinksters such us."

Fet Life makes up for the site's design flaws with its wealth of information and connectivity. You can also find information about kink-related events in your local area by clicking on the "Events” section of Fet Life. There are hundreds upon hundreds of groups available. You can attend conferences, workshops, parties, or anything in-between by regularly checking the site and keeping an eye on what's happening in your area (or anywhere else, if you are willing).

You can also navigate the site using a section called "Fetishes". This saves you time and effort in trying to find people, groups, or events that might be of interest to your. It acts as a tag system. Click on your fetish to open the site and get a personalized experience.

Fet Life is a place where you can meet like-minded people and share your knowledge. Although it may not be the easiest or most user-friendly social network, it does the job.

  • Huge network of kinksters.
  • There are tons and tons of groups.
  • Lively up-to-date Events Page.
  • Solid social network capabilities.
  • Many photos and videos by fellow users.
  • Mobile Support
  • Mobile apps are not available.
  • Advertisement.
  • Site design is not the most simple.