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FuckBook review



FuckBook is a great way to make friends, just like its social media name (Facebook). They want to help users make friends who might be fornicating partners. The site is only for adults and is full of people looking to find fuck mates. FuckBook is billed as a "fucking community" and promises profiles, chat, videos and a way to find hot dates with other members in their area. FuckBook can be mistaken for a dating site, but it is all about having fun and finding sex.

FuckBook claims it is the Facebook for casual sex. It appears legit at first glance. It's a great place to meet people and get laid. Once you have registered, you can search for others with the same interests. Although the site is huge, it is important to remember that although searching for potential fuck buddies is free, reaching out to them requires some cash. FuckBook promises to deliver hot sex between strangers and is well worth a look.

A top-quality game is essential

This is a common trait on any dating or social media site. To make the most of your experience, you need to be attractive and have a good relationship game. It takes effort to find a fuckmate. Charming and sophisticated are the perfect combination for success. Although it is not required, it can be a great help.

The site is open to all and anyone who has decent photos and can have an honest conversation with others will find a partner. The ladies are very sexy and willing to do anything for you. Users should be ready to encounter scammers, fake accounts, and spambots. Although it is true that hookups require members to pay, this does not eliminate a lot of people with bad intentions. Be cautious. The site does provide enough information to inform users about possible scammers.

Register now

Fuckbook is free to anyone, at least for the initial time. It's actually the first thing that a user must do when they arrive at the homepage. You will be asked basic questions such as sex, age and locations. To create a user account, you will need a username, valid email address and a password.

The member's area has a My Homepage section that allows members to add photos, videos or make edits to their profile. Fuckbook offers reliable options to help members make their profiles shine and enhance their chances of being laid. The chances of meeting a partner are higher if you have a good profile. The user is responsible for creating a profile that's as complete as possible.

The homepage has a tab called Help that links to the FAQ page. This tab provides information about the site's operation. The FAQ page usually contains enough information to answer the question. Fuckbook has a phone number and an email address that members can use for contact. This page provides information about how to contact and message, photos and premium membership details, as well as details about contact and messaging.

Simple, Facebook-esqued design

Anyone who has used social networking sites will recognize the site's familiar appearance. It is remarkably similar to Facebook. It has a news feed that mostly features babes sharing nude or suggestive photos of themselves. Users can comment, like and share these posts. You can also share photos, create a blog post or express yourself using text. Members can interact with other posts. The more people see a post, the more likely it is to be noticed by a woman who may be just interested in a one-night stand.

It is easy to use, and provides members with a user-friendly experience. The grid button allows users to jump to the full-on menu by clicking it. It takes over the left side. The menu allows users to access their feed, search for matches, view matches, view messages, open the live cam page (which requires separate membership), view and upgrade their account, view their profiles, their account information, and many other options. It's very simple.

You will find a list of people to message on the right-hand side of any page. The list is automatically curated by the user’s matches based mainly on location. If the user is online, their friends will appear at the top.

It's easy to start a conversation

It's easy to chat up a girl. Click on the name of the girl to chat. On the left side of this list, a separate message box will open. The messenger is similar to the rest of the site. The chats are entirely user-driven. However, the chats are a fucking group and the girls can be convinced to get down to fuck.

To reduce spammers and duds, the site adopted a system that rewards active users. Users are awarded a rating based on their activity. Members should be aware of users who are not active and get low ratings.

Is the arrangement overall effective?

It's difficult to accurately say that. While some of the women will have fun having sex, it doesn't always lead to sex. There are very few profiles that have more than one profile picture. The reviewer also received 99 sex requests within minutes after creating an account. This is quite unusual. It is safe to say that success (getting laid), depends entirely on the user and their interactions with potential sex mates.

Options for membership

Premium accounts are the only way to get the most out of Fuckbook, as we mentioned earlier. There are two options: a silver and a gold membership. The silver option is more expensive, but offers less benefits. However, it's a great place to begin. For $1.95, a 3-day trial membership is available. A silver monthly membership costs $29.95. A 3-month membership is available for $59.95.

Gold members can upgrade for $34.95 per month, $69.95 for three-month access and $149.99 for a whole year. Members who are gold receive their profiles highlighted more often and a seal of approval that allows other members to see them. Access to video chat is also available for gold members. Being a gold member will increase your chances of meeting a fucking mate.

Fuckbook: The Best Things About It

Members looking for fornication partners for one-night stands with no strings attached.

The site is easy to use. It has an interface that looks similar to Facebook and is very simple to navigate.

There are many chicks who want to chat with. There are loads of members, including loads of babes looking for a sexy move.

Potential concerns

Unknown success rate. It is impossible to determine how successful the site in helping members get sex. It is impossible to measure success or failure without being on the site for a long time.

There are fake profiles. Inevitably, there will be phony profiles. Although the site does its best to warn users about spam, caution is still advised.


Fuckbook is a good place to go if you want to get rid of the dating hassles and just have sex. Fuckbook is a place for people to meet sexy partners and have fun. You will also find some softcore porn material on the news feed, with many hot girls posting sexy nudes and videos. Although the verdict isn't yet in on whether or not this site will help you get laid, it's worth a shot.

  • No strings attached sex
  • It is simple to use
  • There are many chicks to chat with
  • Mobile Support
  • Unknown success rates
  • Fake profiles