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TSDates review



In these times of rampant loneliness it can seem impossible to find love or even a casual relationship. There are hundreds of hookup and dating websites available, but it can be difficult to know which ones are worth your time.

Some sites boast millions of people from all parts of the globe, while others have bots and scammers. While most dating sites offer decent interactive tools that you can use for free, a few pay to access the majority of social functions.

This review will discuss which TsDates is available, its origin, and who it caters to. The results will be surprising, regardless of what you might think.

This website is technically old, but also new was established in 2009. It started as a blog that documented transgender sex scenes online. We believe that the blog didn't gain enough traffic and revenue to be worth its existence, so it was eventually shut down. The blog was then sold at the close of the same year.

A few years later, the domain was bought and transformed into the first TsDates dating platform. Although it took a while for the site to gain popularity, it gained 74,000,000 users worldwide after undergoing a redesign in 2016.

Signing up is a tedious process.

You will need to sign up for the website. This includes information such as how many members it reports total, online and in your local area. Continue reading or this review.

You can enter your gender on the first page. The website distinguishes between transgender, transvestite and transsexual in the last label. The same page also asks for your preferences, which can be women, men or couples. However, you can only choose one.

After that, enter your birth date, country and username. After that, you will need to create a brief introduction and a longer biography. Your confirmation email will then be sent.

Next, there is the issue of financing your account

Although there is a free version, the features that you can use are limited. You will need to create an account to get the full experience. Although not prohibitive, the $39.95 per thirty-day membership is a little steep. TsDates uses a sliding-scale payment system. For a 3-month membership, you pay $80.95, which is $26.95. A year costs $239.40.

You can also upgrade your paid account to $107.40. This will give you unlimited access and allow you to contact other members. This perk is good for one year.

Accepted credit cards include Mastercard, Visa, and Discover. You can also pay by fax or mail using gift cards, e-checks, and gift cards. You are totally secure with your payments, however you will still be charged unless you cancel your account.

The benefits of a full membership include:

The free members have easy access to basic features such as uploading photo albums and filling out your profile. There are three options for communicating: instant messaging, private messaging and public chatroom.

Paid members have the ability to upload videos, answer questions and submit sex stories.

Although the site seems niche, it is very inclusive

Although the site's name implies that it is a dating site for transgenders, and those who are attracted by them, While there is certainly a strong focus on transgender singles, the site allows for all types of dating including those who are opposite or same-sex cis.

It is important to remember that gender has a strange ratio. In fact, 10% are transgender couples - which is overwhelmingly MtF, or male-to-female, transgender people. Only 15% of members are cisgender men, while 75% are cisgender females.

While we know that many of our readers will find this disappointing, remember that there are millions of members around the world who are spread across many countries. Given the size of the sample, it is likely that you will find someone who has the right looks and parts. The majority of female members are between 25 and 44 years old.

There is no mobile application

TsDates does not yet have a mobile app despite having many features that other dating sites don't have or aren't as sophisticated. It would be normal for TsDates to have a mobile app, even though it was an older site. However, the new version was released in the middle of 2016.

The website also has a mobile version that looks almost the same, and it's been well optimized. All features are available and responsive to the mobile version.

You can expect to receive regular updates via email

There are many users on the site and many are active, so you're likely to receive a lot of messages. The website offers a reminder email feature, which will remind you that there is no app for mobile that will automatically alert your phone.

TsDates will still send you profiles of local people even if you don't get any messages. To make it as entertaining as possible, users will include their tag line and thumbnail. This is except if there is any nudity. It will then be pixelated and marked "Too Hot for Email." Clicking just out of curiosity is encouraged.

What This Platform Does Right and Wrong

Apart from the features mentioned above, the simple and advanced filters options work great. However, despite the extensive questionnaire that is required upon signing up, there are no initial recommendations for members. Signup is quick and easy.

Free users have access to some decent features, such as detailed profiles and public photographs. Paid account holders get more options to help find a date or a partner. Although the site offers many communication options, most users will be disoriented by the sheer number of males on it relative to other genders.

What We Would Do to Change Things

We don't think there are many things that we would change, as they are all realistic. However, we could make some suggestions. We think the cost of a membership is too high. A marketing campaign should be put in place to attract transgenders and women.

Do You Need to Sign up for This Dating Platform?

This website is a safe and friendly place for transgender people to meet other men. It also has a large fan base that supports their sexuality. Despite the fact that most users are men of different orientations, there are many members.

Although you will need to pay for some of the more advanced features, we believe that they are well worth it. TsDating is rated four out of five. You can check it out yourself.

  • Although trans people are the focus of
  • marketing, there are many people of all
  • genders and orientations.
  • It has a large user base from all parts
  • of the globe.
  • Both paid and free features are excellent.
  • Mobile Support
  • You will have the best experience if you
  • have a paid account.
  • A membership fee is more costly than
  • other sites.
  • Most members are male.