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Ashley Madison review

Ashley Madison

Ashley Madison

Ashleymadison is perhaps the most controversial dating website. This dating site is not like other apps and sites. It's geared towards adult couples who want to have an affair. Ashley Madison is more than just a dating site. Read Porn Sites' Ashley Madison review today to find out more about this risky dating site and whether it is worth your money.

Why do we cheat?

Cheating is a common problem in 25 percent of all relationships. It is difficult to determine the exact numbers for many reasons. Women are less likely to confess to cheating than men.

Cheating is part of everyday life. It is a fact of life. Why do people cheat? As you might imagine, the answers differ greatly between men or women. Many men claim that they cheated on women because they were attracted to them for the first time in life. It seems that men are more likely to be late bloomers than women. It is not uncommon for men to experience a sudden interest in sex later in their lives. For a man who has been through years of rejection, the newfound interest in the opposite sex can seem too tempting to resist.

Men cheating on their spouses is another reason. Most often, it's sex. If a man doesn't get the sex he needs, chances are that he will look elsewhere. It's not just a lack sex that makes men stray. Men can feel lonely if they lose their connection to romance or love.

Another common reason is being offered an opportunity to try something different in bed with their partners, or just having differences about how the relationship should work. People change over time. Men have said that changes in their partners can cause them to lose interest and eventually turn them off.

On the other hand, women have reported cheating for different reasons. Perhaps she was looking for a way to get out of a relationship she didn't like. It's better to cheat than to get caught. Some women have stated that their needs weren't being met in the bedroom and emotionally. There are other reasons, such as physical and emotional distance that has been established over time, the inability to talk to their partner about their needs and desires, and the feeling of losing their independence.

The Matchmaker for Cheaters

One thing is certain, no matter the reason, cheating is a common problem. Probabilistically, this means that if you've dated more than four people, you are likely to have been cheated on. It makes perfect sense that Ashley Madison exists. There is always a business that is ready to go. Ashley Madison was established to fulfill the high demand for people who are interested in an affair.

Chances are you've heard of Ashley Madison in some way. Due to a data breach and cyberattack, Ashley Madison's online dating site for adult cheaters made quite a lot of headlines in 2015.

Forbes's Zak Doffman reports that employees of the most controversial dating site in the world logged on to their systems to see a message from the Impact Team. The site was hacked. The extremely sensitive data of tens to millions of people was now at risk. The rest of the story is now familiar. Slow-motion car crashes as the database was uploaded online, load after load. These websites allowed nervous spouses to search for their partners' details. The divorce bonanza. Documentaries. Reported suicides."

The identity of the Impact Team or their goals is not known. believes it to be a vigilante group of moralizing hackers that sought to teach infidelity-prone people a lesson. Or maybe it was just a group or incels who were bitter that Ashley Madison members had multiple lovers, when they couldn't find one. Whatever the reason, the data breach appears to have been isolated and has not been repeated. Site security has been improved significantly. You shouldn't worry about anything if you decide to use this dating site. It is important to remember that even if you do not want other people to see your information, there is still a chance for it to be shared.

Ashley Madison is a good choice for your money and time. Let's dive in and find out, shall we?

Amazing Site Design

It is clear from the moment you log on that this site is professional and not a scam hookup site like those you see advertised on porn websites all over the internet. This is a legitimate dating site for those looking for discreet relationships. Ashley Madison is not for those who are looking for an affair. You can sign up as either a single man or a couple. It is possible to hook up on this site without guilt or concern.

However, the site design is stunning. It's minimalistic, elegant, intuitive, and highly effective. It looks as good, if not better than many other dating websites. It is a blow to Plenty of Fish, for example. It is comparable to OK Cupid and Match. says it looks better than many of these sites.

It offers almost everything you would expect from a dating website. You can add photos, a bio, physical stats, state your desires, etc. You can also message other users, "like" them and search for and browse nearby users. Ashley Madison offers a decent advanced search filter that allows you to search by location.

From here, you can filter out profiles by age, location, last login, gender, interests, body type, ethnicity, languages spoken, and dating preference/limitations. This advanced search should be available on Ashley Madison. You need to be as precise as possible when searching for a real-life connection.

High Cost, Missing Features

This site has a few downsides that are worth noting. Ashley Madison could include a swiping feature, similar to Tinder. In light of Tinder's popularity, most other dating sites include this "game" in their sites. It is a fun way for you to meet new people. Additionally, it makes it much easier to find potential matches. You can only hope she will find you among the large number of nearby users or that you'll stumble upon her, and then you can shoot your shot.

Ashley Madison's other flaw is that you will have to pay money for almost everything on the site. While other dating sites offer freemium features that let you take advantage of many of the features, Ashley Madison doesn't permit you to do any of it without paying. Although you can search for people near you, you cannot make connections with them without purchasing credits. To send a message, to "like" someone and to reply to their messages, you will need credit. Ashley Madison could end up being quite an expensive way to have an affair.

Ashley Madison is the best option if you have the money. Many of the women who use the site are only looking for sex. Although there are a few missing features, you won't have the awkward conversations and song and dance that come with Tinder and OK Cupid.

  • Great site design
  • Many users
  • Amazing search feature
  • Mobile friendly
  • iOS and Android apps
  • Mobile Support
  • Costliness
  • No ‘match’ or ‘swipe’ feature